Fermax 8039 Reviews

Main advantage:

The main advantage of this intercom is the fact that it has a universal manufacturing and installation design, which will allow you to network it with other intercoms and security panels.

Main disadvantage:

The volume of the speaker that has the intercom integrated may not be loud enough for the taste of some users, although the headset is still available.

Verdict: 9.9/10

With the Fermax intercom you can carry out a simple and uncomplicated installation to increase the security of your home, as well as save time and effort when receiving visitors.

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Main Features Explained


phone design

Intercoms are a very useful tool to avoid having to go to the entrance of your home or urbanization when a visitor arrives, since they allow you to communicate with the person before letting them in, thus increasing security in general. If you want to acquire one, the opinions indicate that the design is of the utmost importance.

Fermax offers you a simple, practical and very easy-to-use intercom with its 8039 model. This device, in addition to having an affordable price, could be the best intercom on the market. Its dimensions are 26 x 8 x 5 centimeters and it weighs 299 grams, being a device that is easy to handle and install to avoid inconveniences during the process and that you can even do it yourself.

Another advantage that you will get with this intercom is thanks to its universal design, since this allows you to work with previously made installations of the plate that is responsible for allowing the opening of your door remotely, so you can replace your old intercom easily. In addition, the purchase includes an installation kit with the support base and the screws at no additional cost so that you can fix it to the wall without having to spend extra money.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials are another of the most important aspects that a buyer interested in good quality intercoms should review before deciding which one to purchase. In general, these devices are usually in contact with the outside due to their main function, which is why the model you choose must be resistant and robust.

In the case of the intercom option offered by the Fermax brand, the 8039 model has a body made of high-impact ABS plastics and resistant manufacturing finishes. This derivative of plastic is much more robust and is often used in all kinds of electronic devices, toys, tools and more due to its durability.

In addition, the ABS plastic of this Fermax intercom is white, which will allow you to easily combine it with the decoration or style of your entrance and, even if you think it might get dirty more easily, you will be pleased to know that the equipment has a polished. Thanks to this, you can clean dirt and stains from regular use with just a damp cloth and a little disinfectant. This way you can keep your computer germ-free and looking whole for much longer.

special functions

Finally, the main feature that we advise you to review in depth are the functions that the intercom model of your interest can perform. Some units, depending on their capabilities, may be able to offer remote lock management, binaural communication, among other handy tools.

If you decide to purchase the option offered by Fermax, you will be able to enjoy a simple intercom, but with everything you need to fulfill its basic functions. The equipment has its respective headset connected by a curly cable, with which you can communicate with your visitor.

It also has a loudspeaker through which you can hear its voice in case you don’t want to pick up the handset, and just below it you’ll find a special button with which the input lock will be unlocked if you have it connected to the device.

Regarding the sound indicators typical of this type of intercom device, you can use the regular bell when receiving a call or the buzzer, in case you want the equipment not to produce too much noise when activated. Both work electronically and you will not have to pay any type of plan or additional services to use the intercom within your property.

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