Find out how you can clean all your house with a vapor vapor

The steamer is an increasingly common appliance in homes, however, some people wonder if it is really worth the investment and what this appliance is really for. Therefore, it is important to analyze in more detail the different uses that we can give it in cleaning the home. 

The use of water vapor to sanitize the home became popular in the 1980s thanks to the Vaporetto, a device designed by the Italian company Polti, with the aim of facilitating work and at the same time offering greater effectiveness in combating viruses, bacteria, mites and fungi that hide in the dirt. Although today there are many brands and steam cleaners have very advanced technologies, most are based on the same design; the water is brought to the boiling point in a small closed boiler, as if it were an express pot, in this way, the steam is concentrated and shoots out through the hose towards the steam gun, where it can be regulated depending on the temperature. need.

Among the many advantages of cleaning with a steam cleaner, we can highlight respect for the environment, since the consumption of resources is low and it is not necessary to use toxic chemical substances that not only affect the ecosystem, but can also be dangerous for humans. causing respiratory and skin diseases.

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that we do not have to make a great effort. On the one hand, it allows you to easily access tight spots, and on the other hand, there is no need for too much rubbing or polishing, since the pressurized steam does most of the work. As if that were not enough, a steam cleaner allows you to save time and money, since you can carry out house maintenance faster and without spending on other additional products. Let’s see everything we can do with the steamer.

Clean the floor easily with the steam cleaner

Remember that the floor is a favorable place for the accumulation of fungi and bacteria, so it is a priority when it comes to disinfecting the house. In this sense, steam cleaners are very useful on hard surfaces, such as tiles, sealed parquet, PVC, stone, among other types of floors that resist heat and humidity well. The best vaporettes of 2022 come with different accessories, you just have to choose the correct nozzle depending on the surface, in this way, you can say goodbye to dirt so that the little ones in the house can play freely. 

Recover the blinds with water vapor

One of the most tedious tasks in the home is the maintenance of Japanese panels, curtains, roller blinds and blinds, especially since they are difficult to access and in many cases it is necessary to disassemble the pieces to be able to clean them. However, you can use the steamer to reach all areas and clean thoroughly without too much effort.

Before doing so, it is advisable to remove excess dust with a vacuum cleaner. In this case, it is important to take into account the type of material to be cleaned and the temperature level, since some steamers have great power, therefore, the extreme heat of the steam can change the properties of some materials. In addition, it is advisable to adjust the pressure to avoid breaking the most delicate parts.

Eliminate mites from mattresses and pillows

Mites are insects that can cause asthma and dermatitis, but since they are only 0.2mm long, we cannot see them. However, various studies have revealed that these uncomfortable animals cannot survive a temperature higher than 60 ° C, therefore, after vacuuming the mattresses and pillows, you only have to pass the steamer over the surface making slow movements, so that steam can penetrate. Of course, you should not stop more than 5 minutes in each area, since you could soak the mattress. 

The hot steam of this device is also effective against germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi, so you can disinfect practically the entire room, including the curtains and duvets if you have had any illness, in order to avoid contagion from other members of the household. home. 

Revitalize your living room with the steamer

The living room is one of the areas where all the members of the household meet, but being a common area, it is also one of the areas that accumulates the most dirt. This is especially troublesome on carpets and upholstery. This is where a steamer can be the solution. 

Even if there are few people in the house and there are no children, experts recommend steam cleaning carpets at least once a year, since they tend to accumulate dust and bad odors. The first thing you should do is to vacuum deeply on both sides and then pass the steam with the indicated nozzle, in this way, it is possible to easily eliminate bacteria, viruses and bad odors. In the same way, the steam cleaner is useful for cleaning the upholstery of the different furniture in the living room, since these can accumulate odors from food remains and even our own sweat.

Disinfect your bathrooms with hot steam

Most of us do not like the idea of ​​cleaning the bathroom, because it is an area of ​​the house that accumulates a lot of dirt, in addition, very strong chemical products that cause respiratory symptoms and allergic reactions on the skin usually have to be used. For this reason, more and more people use the steamer. Steam allows you to clean hard-to-reach places such as toilet creases, traps and tile seams. 

It is advisable to use an accessory that precisely directs the flow of steam towards where the dirt is. Some steamers come with a special brush for use on ceramics so you can easily remove mold and other stubborn dirt. In these cases, it is recommended to make slow and constant movements to achieve a better finish.

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