Flex Airvex Reviews

Main advantage:

It is made up of a block of individually pocketed springs that improve the conditions for a pleasant and comfortable sleep on both sides of the mattress, since thanks to its filling it provides independence in relation to the firmness and adaptability of the body.

Main disadvantage:

Its firmness is high, so it can appear to have a somewhat hard surface. However, this is a property that is given by its density, for a more pleasant rest and suitable for the body.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is available in various sizes, the most popular being 135 cm wide by 190 cm long. It is equipped with the development of technologies that improve the quality of sleep, as well as a wrap in Foam Bioceramics and high-density AirVex foam inside.

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Main Features Explained


To have an estimate of the price of a Flex mattress, it is appropriate to know the technologies that the manufacturer has included in its structure and surface, since these lead to a better rest time. The more technologies are included, the price may be a little higher. However, when it comes to the hours of sleep and rest, you should not skimp and it is convenient that it has state-of-the-art developments that make rest more pleasant for the body.

In this sense, the Flex Airvex model is equipped with a good number of technologies that improve sleeping conditions, through different aspects of the mattress’s surface, padding and upholstery, which, when combined, provide greater comfort.

On the one hand, it is made up of AirVex foam, which together with the BioCeramics development provides a soft and ergonomic surface. In addition, the mattress has been equipped with a temperature regulation system, providing hours of restful sleep. Likewise, it has interconnected channels for the ventilation of the interior and the filling. It stands out for being elastic and with high density, but soft on contact.

On the other hand, the mattress has seven firmness zones that adjust to the texture and shape of each person, for a better reception, providing adequate blood flow. Likewise, the upper part of the piece has Comfort System Plus technology. In general, it is an alternative that provides stability and firmness.


All user opinions on the Flex Airvex model conclude that this mattress has been designed for people with any body index, as well as for those who change their sleeping position frequently at night and also for those who are sensitive to temperatures..

This is possible because it has been endowed with design properties that provide firmness and provide adequate absorption of the pressure that the body creates on the mattress. For this reason, it is a design that progressively adjusts to each person who poses on it. Similarly, to maintain a constant temperature, it incorporates hypoallergenic fibers.

On the other hand, in relation to the physical design, this model has an approximate weight of about 20 kilos, being necessary to have the help of another person to be able to move it. However, it includes handles on its sides that facilitate holding and gripping the mattress, with a resistant seam.

Also, this model of Flex mattresses is classic in style. It is available in a beige surface and details in other earth tones, which contrast with the light gray sides. This alternative is available in various sizes, one of the most sought after being 135 cm wide by 190 cm long, as they are standard dimensions that are used for two seats.

Construction and materials

The best Flex mattresses are those that are built with high quality and resistant materials, as well as those that incorporate dense and practical fillings to make the hours of rest on the mattress more pleasant and comfortable.

In this sense, the Flex Airvex alternative is made up of a total of five layers, with 20 cm AirVex technical foam, TNT textile and Commodo system, designed to prevent pressure points. It has viscoelastic material, which allows a soft support for the body, with ergonomics. Finally, the hypoallergenic fibers are responsible for providing a constant temperature and prevent the appearance of allergies.

In addition, it has been equipped with a Wellness BioCeramics upholstery that serves to recover and increase blood flow, as well as vasodilation, since with its regular use greater cell activity is generated and the creation of collagen is stimulated. All the padding of this mattress has been added to avoid pressure points caused by the body and thus reduce the deformation of the structure.

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