Flex Nimbus Visco Reviews

Main advantage:

The Nimbus Visco model has been provided by its manufacturer with a padded interior that has technological properties for greater comfort at rest, through hypoallergenic fibers and comfort systems.

Main disadvantage:

Although it is not a negative characteristic, it is necessary to take into account that the model can be hard, this being an orthopedic property that not everyone is used to.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a mattress that is available in a white surface, with gray figures, as well as the sides. In addition, it is equipped with technologies that provide greater ergonomics and comfort for a comfortable rest.

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Main Features Explained


Flex mattresses have been designed to provide the user with a better rest experience, through the incorporation of details that will make sleeping hours more pleasant and allow the body to rest correctly. In the case of the Nimbus Visco model, it is a mattress with a traditional and classic design. This is available with a white surface and light gray pattern details.

For its part, on the sides of the mattress you can see the contrast of the white of the surface, with the lead gray. In addition, in this area of ​​the sides, the Nimbus Visco incorporates a kind of flexible and resistant handles, two on each side, which provide a better grip in case you need to move it.

Likewise, the mattress includes four metal vents that provide adequate ventilation towards the interior of the mattress. Similarly, the surface area has soft-touch fabric and the manufacturer has added weatherstripping for added strength.

On the other hand, the model has been created to meet the rest needs of different people, as it is available in various sizes, ranging from individual models to some for couples. Among these sizes, in terms of value for money, many users opt for the alternative of 135 cm wide by 190 cm long, this mattress having capacity for two people.

Materials and fillers

User opinions regarding the Nimbus Visco model agree that it is a Flex mattress that has been manufactured with high-quality and resistant materials, as well as with adequate padding to provide a greater degree of comfort during hours of sleep. rest on it.

In this sense, the model is equipped with eight layers that range from pocket spring to encapsulated spring, control system, TNT textile, medium or firm sensitivity system, memory foam with gel, hypoallergenic fibers and, finally, stretch upholstery.

In relation to the upholstery, the model incorporates elastic material for better breathability and adaptation. In addition, this upholstery has been equipped with Optigrade. In relation to the padding, the Nimbus Visco model stands out for having viscoelastic with gel, which adjusts to the body to provide greater comfort, while generating a sensation of freshness in the body, due to the incorporation of gel particles.

In addition, inside it has compact fibers that, as announced by the manufacturer, prevent allergies from appearing and provide a constant temperature, being an alternative for those who suffer from this pathology. Similarly, these fibers have been included to maintain a permanent circulation of air inside the mattress.

Technologies and type

The best Flex mattresses on the market are those that are equipped with a greater number of technologies, which have been developed and added to their structures to provide better rest, through restful hours of sleep, with a high incidence on the muscles and on everything. the body.

For this reason, the Nimbus Visco model has been equipped with several of them, which allow better cushioning and absorption of movements in a single area, without affecting the person sleeping next to it. Another technology included in this mattress is the encapsulation in its interior, with exterior reinforcement that improves comfort and in turn gives it a longer useful life.

Similarly, the mattress is equipped with Comfort System+, a material that allows an equal distribution of weight and homogeneity on the surface, for greater adaptability. At the same time, the upholstery of this model has Optigrade technology, which works as a thermoregulation system, by balancing the temperature and humidity of the body, for a healthier rest.

Finally, in this model two types of firmness can be distinguished: medium and superior. The first is a softer surface that provides the possibility of finding a pleasant posture, while the second is a firmer surface that also helps to have a convenient posture of the body during rest.

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