Froggit 3500 Opinions

Main advantage:

Its large color screen makes it easy to see all measured data directly at a glance. In addition, thanks to its connectivity, it is possible to connect to the network and share that data through the Internet without the need for a PC.

Main disadvantage:

The tightness of the solar panel that measures insolation could be improved, since some comments indicate that it tends to show signs of humidity inside over time.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A complete product with a large number of parameters measured efficiently and easily, worthy of being the best weather station of the moment.

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Main Features Explained

Measured parameters

The first strong point of this model is that the equipment is capable of measuring a large number of parameters in a simple way. An approach in which we start by seeing the basic parameters, such as the indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as the humidity present in the environment, also inside and outside the home. Likewise, the atmospheric pressure is also measured, in order to evaluate the future weather. These parameters have high efficiency, such as the degree of margin of error that the temperature has, both inside and outside the house, 5% in terms of humidity and pressure.

Some advanced parameters are added to these initial parameters, such as the measurement of the insolation of the terrain received. This insolation is measured by an additional panel, just as the amount of rain that falls is measured by the corresponding rain gauge. The same happens with the wind and its direction, for which the team has the corresponding weather vane and meter. Both are also highly accurate, with 15% accuracy in insolation measurement and 1% accuracy in wind and wind speed measurement.

This outdoor unit has a highly resistant construction, being able to withstand the most complex weather conditions. A unit for which you must purchase the installation pole separately, which is obviously not included with the product. In any case, this assembly does not have too much complexity, including the equipment and all the necessary instructions to get the model ready to work.

data screen

As we can see, there are many parameters that this model measures, several more than conventional weather stations are capable of measuring. But so you don’t get lost, the product also has a quality screen, according to the opinions that this device raises in this regard.

This color screen allows us to see all these data at a glance, thus making the process of seeing them and evaluating the current time easier. However, in addition to the data presentation, the product also includes a weather forecast, so you can know instantly if it will rain or if it will be sunny the next day.

All these parameters are properly ordered, so that you have both the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity at a glance, as well as the rest of the data such as the current date or the status of the device’s WiFi connection. The product is finished off with the button panel at the bottom, with which it is even easier to set alarms or manage the different functions of the equipment.

product connectivity

As a last detail of this equipment, within the price range of this product and its counterparts, it has complete connectivity, which makes everything easier. In this connectivity, we find details such as the radio transfer system, so you don’t have to throw away keys, or worry about the connectivity of the different external elements that are part of the equipment.

This connectivity also makes it easy to share this data over the network, thanks to the WiFi module built into this weather station. The module is capable of connecting directly to the network and allows us to send the data measured by the unit to the main global meteorological networks such as Weather Underground, among other networks.

These network functions also make it easy to consult the data remotely, for which the product is accompanied by its corresponding app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, being able to see both the data measured by the station and its status. This app also makes it easy to manage your data server remotely. So we are facing a very efficient proposal to keep the unit active even when we are not at home or when we want to see the data without approaching the screen.

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