Fujitsu 3NGF8700 Reviews

Main advantage: 

The bifunctionality that makes the air conditioner can be used for cooling and also for heating is one of the most outstanding features of this device.

Main disadvantage: 

Drain pipes are not included in the purchase, so buying them will cost you more money and a little more time to get started on installing the fixture.

Verdict: 9.6/10

With a classic and traditional design, this product provides a stable change in room temperature that manages to cover enough space for you to relax in your room. Easy to install and use, it is an ideal appliance for any home.

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Main Features Explained

Easy and comfortable use

Air conditioners are appliances that are being installed in more and more homes around the world. Heat waves are progressively more frequent and winters tend to be colder. These climatic conditions are one of the reasons why people seek to purchase an air conditioner to cool their homes and serve as a source of fresh air. They also usually buy models that, like this one, work with heat to use them in winter.

Although young people always adapt to new technologies, older people can have problems, because to use devices such as an air conditioner they need time to adapt and, favorably, an easy mode of use that does not take much time to learn. In this, this Fujitsu product stands out, as it can be considered one of the best air conditioners when it comes to simple and intuitive use.

For that, the device has a remote control to control all the functions. The buttons are smooth, large and bring their purpose to them. By simply pressing a button you can control the temperature, the mode in which the air is working and different other qualities such as a timer, etc. All the data can be seen on the screen to be sure of having the correct temperature and having chosen the desired function.

The remote, in addition to being easy to use, is small in size and is also quite light, so it can be kept on any nightstand so that it won’t get lost and it won’t get in the way, since it won’t take up much space.

In addition to all this, an outstanding factor in its use is that it is quite silent. Therefore, the air will be able to accompany you throughout the night without disturbing you, which is especially important when it comes to someone who is a light sleeper.


Among the opinions that can be found about this product, the practical operation that it offers to those who buy it stands out. An air conditioner  is usually associated with a source of freshness for the coldest days, however, to avoid having to buy a device that works for heating your home, this incredible modern model from Fujitsu has the ability to provide cold temperatures. and also warm. This feature is excellent, as it makes it possible to be a fully functional product every day of the year, regardless of the season.

When you need a burst of freshness due to a hot summer day, the air can be placed in cooling mode and its temperature will work in a wide range from 15°C to 24°C. You can comfortably choose how many degrees your room will be without problems. On the other hand, the heating mode will be able to maintain the room temperature between 18°C ​​and 43°C. In this way, you will avoid covering yourself with unnecessary clothing in winter and you will be able to feel free at home.

This air conditioner stands out for its power, since its motor gives it the ability to work with a maximum power of 2,500 watts if it is cooling a room, and 3,200 watts if it is being used as a means of heating. This is what allows the maximum temperatures offered by the appliance to be reached.

Due to these functions and its double mode of use, it is possible to think that the price of electric bills will increase due to energy consumption, however, this air conditioner has an A/A classification that shows its low use of electrical energy., which contributes to the atmosphere and the cost of services. In cooling mode, the appliance has a maximum consumption of 0.53 kW, while in heating mode it reaches 0.67 kW.

Compact design suitable for any room

The first thing you will notice about this air conditioner is that it has a fairly classic and traditional appearance. This is good for those who want to incorporate air conditioning into their room décor, while those looking for flashier fixtures may not appreciate this understated yet elegant look. The design of both units is completely white, without many details.

This product is a Split model, which explains why the internal unit of this air conditioner is compact and adapts well to small spaces. This piece has dimensions of 82 x 20.6 x 26.2 cm and this, together with its power, makes it a suitable model for rooms of approximately 30 to 35 square metres. It is possible to use the device in larger environments, however, this may make the cooling or heating process slower and it may also be impossible to correctly reach the indicated temperatures, due to lack of power.

The external drive measures 66.3 x 29.3 x 53.5cm and while this makes it larger than its counterpart, it won’t take up much space outside your home either, so won’t make a big impact. on the east façade. This piece also has a low noise operation, since it works producing only 47 dB. If you want to have a product of the right size, this model will be able to adapt to the place where you live easily.

Installing it is also easy due to its size and modern design. Fortunately, the help of any specialized technician is not needed, since you can carry out the assembly yourself without any problem, with only the help of someone else to hold parts and, especially, to make the correct installation of the tubes. In a short time you will be able to carry out the complete process and have a functional air conditioner in your home.

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