Fujitsu ASY 35 Ui-LLCE Reviews

Main advantage: 

By having a filter integrated into its structure, this device is not only responsible for cooling the room, but also purifying the air by keeping foreign elements in its filter and not in the environment.

Main disadvantage: 

This is a compact device, therefore, it will only be able to take care of small-sized rooms, since, if it is used in a large room, the air conditioner may not have the necessary power.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Despite its small size, its low energy consumption together with its dual function and the included air filter make this air conditioner the ideal balance between performance, savings and safety.

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Main Features Explained

inverted technology

This is one of the smallest air conditioners of its kind, however, this aspect has not detracted from this great model. Fujitsu has taken the task of making this product stand out for its efficient use and optimal energy savings. This does not mean that its main functions have less quality, because, on the contrary, these characteristics make it possible for the air conditioner to continue working properly but spending less energy and with incredible stability.

The reason behind this smooth operation is the inverted technology that has been incorporated into its manufacture and that makes it stand out from other similar and less modern models. This technology directly affects the compressor, causing its speed to be regulated and constant, without abrupt changes and without operating at full power unless absolutely necessary.

This technology contributes to various aspects that will improve your experience using this air conditioner and that explain the number of positive opinions that this product has. First of all, this technology offers a stable system that keeps temperatures constant and with as few changes as possible. In addition to that, since it does not work with the dichotomy of working at full power or not working, the compressor does not wear out as quickly and the useful life of the device is extended.

These advantages are added to the saving benefits that using this product also provides, which, despite being low in price, works excellently. The energy saving is quite noticeable, as the energy consumption efficiency is A++ in cooling mode and A in heating mode. This is also due to the low speed of the compressor when it reaches the indicated temperature. This energy efficiency will show a change in electric bills, therefore, the monetary savings will be greater.

Comfortable and safe operation

Choosing the best air conditioner for your home depends a lot on whether you are convinced of the operation provided by the device. In this case, this Fujitsu model stands out for having many things to offer that will surely make a difference in the room of any home in which this product is installed.

The brand has sought versatility and practicality with the manufacture of the ASY 35 Ui-LLCE model and, for that reason, to prevent you from spending more money and space acquiring other devices, the product seeks to offer you everything in one place. This is what has made the dual function of air conditioning so important. What the quality of double function refers to is that this model works as a source of cold, but also as a source of heat. This makes it a suitable product for all seasons of the year, especially when it comes to extremes, such as winter and summer.

The heating capacity is 3,440 kcal/h, while the cooling capacity reaches 2,924 frig/h, the latter with a cooling range of 720 m3/h. All this is possible because the air conditioner has a powerful enough motor, with a nominal cooling power of 3400 W and, for heating, it has a nominal power of 4000 W. If the device is operating at maximum speed, the internal unit will work producing a noise of about 43 dB, so it could be considered a silent product.

Finally, one of the great features that complements the performance of this air conditioner is the air filter that is incorporated into its structure. This small detail allows safer operation, since dust particles and other elements will be trapped in the filter, making the air that the appliance expels purer.

compact design

Although the attention towards air conditioners always goes towards the technical aspects of their operation, the structure and its design are still characteristics that must be considered before purchasing these devices in order to make the best choice for each home.

This specific model has the common design that characterizes Split-type systems, therefore, the internal unit is elongated, but thin and light. It is possible to adapt to different places on the walls in different rooms due to its size and its white color that will combine with any decoration.

The dimensions of the internal unit are 82 x 20.6 x 26.2 cm and its weight is 7 kilograms, making it a light and compact piece that can be adapted to small rooms. For its part, the beige external unit measures, according to its manufacturers, 66.3 x 29.3 x 53.5 cm and weighs 26 kilograms. This is noisier than its counterpart, since, while it expels air with a flow of 1830 m³/h, it produces a noise of 50dB. However, it is not a very loud noise that could bother your neighbors if you live in an apartment, for example. The air conditioning works with a hose of a minimum of 15 meters and a maximum of 20 m, in addition to a diameter of 6.35 mm.

So that its operation is more suitable to your needs and its use is much more comfortable, you can use the remote control to configure each function, from the temperature to the timer, the operating mode and other qualities. The control screen will show the temperature of the room and other important data. The buttons are smooth and also big to avoid mistakes.

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