Gala Elia ABS Reviews

Main advantage: 

The incorporation of an antibacterial treatment to this cover is a flattering aspect, taking into consideration that this type of equipment is very prone to the proliferation of infectious agents generated by the accumulation of humidity in the bathroom.

Main disadvantage: 

It is possible that in the event that this lid replaces another one that you had mounted on your toilet, you may experience some discomfort while you adapt to the new design.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Gala Elia once again surprises the market with a high-end toilet seat, made of certified polymer and with a harmonic, modern and elegant design line.

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Main Features Explained


There are many opinions found on the web about Gala Elia WC covers, in which buyers praise the level of resistance offered by the manufacturing raw material. This is one of the main features to highlight in this model, which also has a fairly low purchase price compared to other equipment in the same range.

For this cover and fixed seat set, a synthetic material was used that gives the design a stable support so that you sit on it safely. It is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, also known as ABS polymer, a thermoplastic that combines rigidity and flexibility. In addition, it has a pleasant soft touch and promotes respect for the environment, as it does not contain any type of toxic agent that can cause skin irritation due to direct contact.

Let’s remember that toilet lids are usually quite prone to generating bacteria due to the volume of humidity accumulated in the bathroom, so a preventive treatment applied to the structure would be convenient to combat these infectious agents. Among other peculiarities of the material selected by Gala for this product, we have the incorporation of an antibacterial treatment. This measure is very common to find among the best toilet lids, so it is not surprising that this model has been provided with it.

Lid cleaning and care

The issue of cleanliness is essential in any product and even more so in toilet seats, which are structures that are constantly exposed to bacteria. We cannot forget that a significant percentage of humidity is generated in bathrooms, which is the perfect environment for its proliferation. We refer to bacteria, fungi and molds, which according to the opinions of experts not only cause skin conditions due to direct contact with the skin when sitting, but also gradually begin to deteriorate the surface of the lid and seat. In addition to this, we have the chemical reaction of the detergents exerted on the material.

Although it is true, the purchase price does not determine the useful life of the product. Sooner or later the material will begin to present the characteristic deterioration of the passage of time. This is a process that we cannot avoid, but we can prolong it with proper hygiene.

In this sense, Gala Elia offers us a WC cover that you can wash once or twice a week with ease, since its structure is completely resistant to water. Thus, you will only need to take a sponge or brush with soft bristles and moisten it with detergent to then rub over the entire structure. Afterwards, you will need to remove the product with plenty of water and finish by drying both the lid and the seat with a soft and absorbent cloth.

Aesthetics and finishes

WC covers, apart from being the obligatory complement to every toilet, also tend to fulfill an aesthetic function of great weight within the bathroom. Therefore, it is important that when thinking about acquiring this type of equipment, a selection is not made lightly that we may later regret. 

In the specific case of Gala Elia, we have that it is a set of seat and cover in intense white, this being a neutral tone that combines with a wide variety of bathrooms. In addition, it conveys a sense of harmony and cleanliness.

On the other hand, there is the spacious format of the structure, which adds a rounded upper contour and the presence of Venetian-type finishes, which according to the opinions of the users manages to encompass an elegant and romantic concept. However, it manages to retain the minimalist cut. In addition, it is necessary to mention that this WC lid offers a fast opening system and metallic adjustment anchors, which visually give the whole a distinctive touch.

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