Grohe Euphoria System 180 Reviews

Main advantage:

This thermostatic shower column has the innovative Grohe DreamSplay system, which allows a uniform distribution throughout the shower head, so the relaxing sensation when showering is quite gratifying, being appropriate after a long working day.

Main disadvantage:

It is necessary to make sure of the measurements between the water intakes and the ceiling, because this column is fixed and if it does not have the appropriate dimensions, you will probably not be able to install it in your bathroom.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This high-end shower column has a modern, avant-garde design that brings functionality and beauty to your bathroom, so that your showers are relaxing and pleasant.

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Main Features Explained

Aesthetics and design

The Grohe Euphoria System 180 shower column is specially designed to bring elegance and comfort to your bathroom, since its aesthetic has been reduced to narrow, geometric lines and in sync with the new trends in minimalist decoration.

Its structure is fully chromed using the Grohe StarLight system, which gives it a delicate shine and makes it very easy to clean, so you can keep it in good condition without complications. This shower system incorporates in its content a wall shower, the hand shower and a thermostatic system in accordance with Grohe technology, but everything forms a visually attractive set without taking up much space in your bathroom.

In addition to this, we must point out that this shower system is made of stainless steel in most of its parts, with a chrome cover to give it greater resistance, so we could be talking about one of the most durable shower columns on the market., according to opinions of users who have been satisfied with the purchase of this product.

Functions of the wall shower

One of the main advantages of this wall-mounted shower is the incorporation of a thermostat with cutting-edge technology to control the temperature of the water, because thanks to its internal structure you can regulate it according to your needs.

Likewise, the extra-large 180 mm shower has Grohe DreamSpray technology, which is capable of maintaining an appropriate, uniform and fluid flow of water through all its nozzles. This water flow can be divided into three different types of jets, since it offers you the Rain jet for a refreshing and revitalizing bath in the body, while the SmartRain jet allows you to save water for a sustainable shower experience. with the environment and, finally, it has the energizing massage jet, for the hydromassage function.

Another important aspect is that the hand shower has Twistfree technology, specially designed to prevent tangles in the hose. In addition to this, it has the SpeedClean system, which is responsible for preventing limescale from accumulating in the shower nozzles.

Water saving and assembly 

On the other hand, we must comment that thanks to the GROHE EcoJoy technology, this system is totally ecological and friendly to the environment, since it saves water by up to 50% compared to traditional shower systems, because with this technology you can control the flow of water at your convenience, thanks to its avant-garde design and structure, which is why we are probably analyzing one of the best shower columns.

Another advantage that is related to the water saving system is that the performance of the shower is not compromised at all, nor is there a reduction in the benefits and comfort that this type of shower provides, on the contrary, it contributes to optimizing its advantages so that the hydromassage function is pleasant. 

In such a way that with this shower system you can obtain a pleasant experience every time you bathe, while saving natural resources, which additionally has a beneficial effect on the water service bill, since the price to be paid would be lower.

Regarding the assembly of this shower system, it should also be noted that it is a shower column that is installed on the wall and includes all the necessary accessories for assembly, which is simple and without major complications, so You could do it yourself if you have plumbing knowledge, but otherwise, it is advisable to seek a professional in this area, so that the system is properly installed and the parts of the product are not damaged.

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