Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Reviews

Main advantage:

We are talking about a shower faucet so practical that it is even capable of offering you an integrated tray so that you can comfortably place your personal hygiene products. Likewise, it has the appropriate dimensions and weight for its installation.

Main disadvantage:

You may find some water inside the faucet when you receive it, which could cause some mess when assembling. But do not worry, since it is only part of the quality verification process that the product is subjected to and does not interfere with its effectiveness.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This faucet offers you a very beautiful and elegant design that gives a special touch to your bathroom. Likewise, its practicality and operation is of quality.

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Main Features Explained



Whenever you are willing to buy the best shower faucet that is available on the market, you must take into account the design of the model that most attracts your attention, since only then can you deduce if it is really what you are looking for to finish equip your bathroom. Although it may seem unimportant to some people, this detail is very important, especially if you are looking to create a harmonious combination between one product and another existing in the same place.

For this reason, the Grohe brand offers you different types of shower faucets, among which the Grohtherm 2000 model stands out, characterized by its beautiful, practical and functional design, since its style is special to mount either in the shower or to use in your bathroom. bathtub.

Likewise, regarding the installation method of this product, it is totally centered, so it provides a special and attractive touch once installed, in addition its dimensions are 31.7 x 17.2 x 15 centimeters and its weight is 2.27 kilograms which is a compact and easy to handle model even during unpacking and assembly.

Among other details, it is important to mention that this shower faucet has a stainless steel finish, therefore, it will be able to provide you with a long useful life even when you use it constantly at home.


Some shower faucets are capable of providing an adequate level of practicality during use, which is why users pay attention to every detail that a specific model has to offer before making the purchase, so that they can verify that it is the same. be what they really need to meet their needs.

According to the opinions of some users, this faucet is capable of filling the bathtub in your bathroom in a few minutes, thanks to the flow of water it offers, which is also silent for greater comfort.

Also, it should be noted that this faucet has a tray that, in addition to making it look elegant, will allow you to comfortably store your care and personal hygiene products without any inconvenience. In addition, you will not have to worry about the fact that these products are heated once you choose a high water temperature, since the tray remains cool to the touch, making this model a safe one thanks to its CoolTouch technology.

Among other things, this shower faucet allows you to easily change the water output, being able to choose between a waterfall type or a shower type if you wish, thanks to its Aquadimmer function and, as if that were not enough, to keep the little ones in the house protected against any accident of skin burns, you will have at your disposal a safety button that will prevent them from raising the temperature to a very high level.



Among so many details, in addition to looking at the price that some model of shower faucet available on the market could have, you should pay attention to the technology that it includes in its operating system, so that you can be sure that you are about to acquire a product that really could cover all your needs.

The Grohe brand is known for providing its customers with quality products and this is no exception, as it should be noted that the Grohtherm 2000 model will always be able to offer you the right water temperature, so you can enjoy a warm and comfortable shower.

This is due to the TurboStat technology found right inside the faucet’s thermostat. In this way, the sensitivity of the thermoelement supplies enough water at the temperature you want, always in a matter of a few seconds, thus maintaining a constant and warm flow of water according to your requirements. This function also stands out for the fact that you will not waste time regulating the water temperature you want, and in the event that the cold water supply fails, the thermoelement will instantly react and stop providing the hot water outlet to avoid different risks. of burns on your skin.

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