Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 Reviews

Main advantage:

This shower column incorporates a versatile thermostat system through which you can adjust the water temperature to your liking, even your children can bathe completely independently, thanks to the fact that the temperature can be limited to a maximum level of 38ºC. 

Main disadvantage:

According to some customers, the only aspect that could be improved on this shower column is that the controls are made of plastic; however, they have a good final finish that makes that detail imperceptible to the eye.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is an elegant shower with a quality backed by the Grohe brand and a modern thermostatic system, which facilitates temperature regulation, for greater comfort.

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Main Features Explained


When we look for shower columns, the first aspect we look at is the design, because in addition to being elegant, we want them to be comfortable to use. In the case of the Tempesta Cosmopolitan 210 model from the Grohe brand, we find a shower column that has a minimalist design that provides elegance and comfort at the same time, as it is made with delicate narrow lines, with chrome that gives it shine. and that facilitates its cleaning, which is appropriate to maintain its good condition. 

This wall-type shower system incorporates nozzles that allow a Rain-style jet to come out through the ceiling shower of about 210 mm, which provides the opportunity for the water flow to be uniform. Also, this shower has a 390 mm rotating arm, which rotates at an angle of 180 °, which provides additional flexibility to the structure while you take a refreshing bath.

It also includes the New Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100mm hand shower, which incorporates a 1750mm TwistFree hose. For their part, the SpeedClean nozzles are made of good quality silicone, which are very easy to clean, so that dirt and limescale do not adhere to their surface. Meanwhile, the structure of the shower column has been covered with several layers of the GROHE StarLight chrome finish, being resistant to scratches and giving it a lasting shine.


Among the functions that this pleasant shower includes, you will find that it has an abundant, uniform and fluid flow of water, which provides a pleasant bathing experience, especially recommended for those most stressful days of the daily work. 

In addition to this, this shower has the AquaDimmer mixer, which allows you to control the flow of water in a simple way, so that you can change the amount of liquid that comes out of the hand shower and the head at your convenience. 

Also, the GROHE TurboStat system will allow you to change the temperature of the water and keep it to your liking, even if the flow varies. Whereas, with the GROHE SafeStop function, you can limit the water temperature to around 38°C, which is appropriate to give children independence when they shower, without having to control the temperature, but the level can be increased when the adults have a bath. 

On the other hand, the GROHE DreamSpray system means that the water jet can adapt to your mood, because if you want a revitalizing jet, it has the Jet system, or if you prefer a relaxing shower, you have the Rain type jet, so that in all the nozzles you can have a uniform water flow.

Comfort and maintenance

With this practical shower you can choose between bathing with the ceiling shower, or if you prefer you can use the hand shower for a more precise bath, with the possibility of choosing the jet that best suits your preferences. Its assembly is quite simple, since it includes all the necessary parts for installation, but if you do not have much experience in DIY, it is preferable that you call a plumber to help you assemble your shower.

For the maintenance and cleaning of this shower system, it is not recommended to use scouring pads that can scratch the surface, or abrasive agents or cleaning products that may contain solvents or acids, as it has a chrome cover that would be damaged by these liquids.

In short, this shower system stands out for its comfort, its performance and because you can control the output of water and the temperature, so according to the opinions of the majority of customers who have been satisfied with the purchase of this product, it is one of the best shower columns of 2022 that you will find on the market, with a fairly affordable price that fits almost all budgets.

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