Haverland EPE-02A Reviews

Main advantage:

This model is considered the best pellet stove thanks to its excellent relationship between quality and price, in addition to the fact that it stands out for having a power of 8 kW, which allows optimal heating of surfaces from 70 to 115 square meters.

Main disadvantage:

In case you live in an apartment and need to acquire a stove that does not have a smoke outlet, you should choose a bioethanol stove. Otherwise, this model has excellent performance in use.   

Verdict: 9.9/10

Thanks to its nominal efficiency of 98% and low power of 85%, this pellet stove is one of the favorites of users and stands out for its high level of safety.

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Main Features Explained

handling and safety

Whenever you are looking to acquire a new pellet stove and need to make a comparison of the alternatives offered by the current market, you need to take into account all the positive and negative aspects of the model, as well as the opinions of users who They already own that stove. In this way, you will be able to have a clearer idea of ​​the usefulness that you can give this product, in addition to knowing if it will optimally meet your expectations. Among the most important technical characteristics, the complexity or ease of handling of the stove and the level of safety of the product stand out.

First of all, pellet stoves vary a lot from one model to another, so you can get both traditional models and more modern alternatives with updated control systems. This Haverland brand model uses a remote control or remote control that will allow you to use the stove comfortably, in addition to being able to program its system for fully automatic operation. 

Secondly, we must highlight the level of safety that this product has, which is very grateful for a stove. It has a double door system that helps keep the interior of the tank isolated to prevent access by children or pets.

Power and consumption

Just as important as the level of safety offered by a pellet stove, another technical feature that you should pay close attention to is the power with which the product works and the level of consumption it makes. In this sense, it is important to bear in mind that the power will determine the ability of the stove to effectively heat a given room. In this way, the more power the pellet stove has, the faster it will be able to heat the room where it is installed. Likewise, the greater the power of the device, it will be ideal for large rooms and halls. But, on the contrary, as the power is higher, the price of the product will be more expensive.

In this case, the Haverland pellet stove manufacturer has developed a model that has an excellent level of power, reaching up to 8 kW at maximum operation and only 3.5 kW in low consumption. In this way, its nominal performance will be 98% and 85% in low power, effectively heating areas ranging from 70 to 115 square metres. On the other hand, this model has a maximum consumption of 2.2 kg/h and a minimum of 0.6 kg/h.

Tank design and capacity

In addition to the technical characteristics seen above, pellet stoves have an aspect that is rarely attended to by users, but which is actually of great importance when analyzing their manufacture, aesthetics and functionality: design. The Haverland EPE-02A model offers a very functional design, as well as an aesthetic one, since it will look perfectly good in the place where you install it, without clashing with the style of the room, thanks to its modern and elegant design in white and black, while having a quality and intelligent manufacturing thanks to its double glass door. It has dimensions of 40.4 x 61.2 x 10.3 centimeters and weighs approximately 107 kilograms.

Likewise, this stove incorporates a smoke outlet or chimney with a diameter of 80 millimeters, which will allow the room to be kept free of toxic gases. Lastly, to get an idea of ​​the expense you will incur each time the pellet runs out, it is necessary to take a look at the size and capacity of the stove’s tank, since the more space it has, the longer it will last and the more autonomy it will give you. the product. This Haverland brand model integrates a tank with a capacity of up to 15 kilograms.

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