Hisense RR55D4AW1 reviews

Main advantage:

It is one of the most compact models, but it still has a small section that can be used as a freezer. Besides, it has a programmable thermostat for temperature.

Main disadvantage:

Although Hisense’s small refrigerator is mostly silent, when the compressor is activated for the extra boost in refrigeration, the noise generated by the equipment can be noticed, but it is not annoying.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a fairly comfortable small refrigerator to store a couple of things and have cold drinks at hand, especially considering its installation versatility and additional functions.

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Main Features Explained


refrigerator type

If you are looking for a small refrigerator at a more affordable price, the models for minibars will probably suit you. These refrigerators are compact, practical and very easy to install, in case you don’t have much space available at home.

And that is something that the Hisense RR55D4AW1 offers you, a mini bar type model in white and made of lacquered steel, which makes it look resistant, robust and durable. It’s pretty easy to clean, and as an added bonus, it comes with adjustable rubber feet so you can properly level the fridge on the floor.

At the same time, it stands out that it offers a very practical installation system, since it allows you to choose the opening direction of the door, to make it much more ergonomic to install. In other words, you can choose to install the door so that it opens from left to right or from right to left, and thus does not collide with any wall, table or object that you have nearby.

In addition, the equipment includes a handle designed to be installed on the door as well, so that you can open the refrigerator smoothly and in a much more comfortable way.

design and size

Small refrigerators, as their name suggests, have a much more compact design than those you will normally find in a kitchen. At the same time, it should be noted that this type of model is usually used in spaces such as rooms, offices, studios, etc. so its physical characteristics are of great importance when choosing which one to buy.

Considering the characteristics that the Hisense RR55D4AW1 presents, you should know that its measurements are 47 x 43.9 x 51 centimeters. So you can install it in any corner of the room, near your desk or wherever you want. In addition, its weight is just 14 kilograms, making it suitable for mounting on resistant countertops or tables.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of a small refrigerator is, according to various opinions, part of the determining aspects that make one model stand out from another; which is why we advise you to review it carefully. In addition, this quality will define how much you can store in the refrigerator.

In the case of the model of the well-known Hisense brand, we are faced with a refrigerator with a net storage capacity of 42 liters; enough for you to store a couple of containers, bottles and food for food. Besides, it stands out that it has a small freezer compartment where you can make a couple of ice cubes or store a personal ice cream, for example.

In addition to this, the internal space of the refrigerator has been used by installing a metal grid that serves as a tray, as well as a couple of steel bars with which the bottles can be held on the door outlets.

team functions

To find the best refrigerator among those mentioned, it is important to consider whether it offers additional functions or not, since the programmed systems of some models are designed to facilitate various tasks, whether it is freezing, cleaning or energy consumption.

Reviewing in detail the capacity offered by the Hisense refrigerator in this regard, we find the pleasant surprise that it has a practical thermostat incorporated. With this tool it will be possible to adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator based on the amount of food and drinks you have stored.

In addition to this, it also has the Auto Defrost function, which will defrost the refrigeration compartment in the event that frost forms, so that it is much easier for you to clean it and leave it as new. This will help extend its useful life, apart from minimizing the effort of the compressor.

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