Honeywell HT-900E Reviews

Main advantage:

This powerful fan delivers airflow of up to 9.9m3 per minute, making it suitable for cooling or circulating air in medium to small rooms, especially during the hottest seasons.

Main disadvantage:

Running at full power is likely to generate some noise, however this model is 25% quieter than other fans of this type.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It has a compact and streamlined design with a 90º adjustable head, which makes it easy to use on the floor, table or wall for greater comfort.

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Main Features Explained


It is one of the most powerful TurboForce fans of its kind, as it has a 40 watt motor with a 240 V voltage, presenting good performance and guaranteeing its maximum efficiency in the adequate distribution of air, since it offers a range of approximately 8 meters away from its place of installation.

Likewise, it is capable of generating a maximum air flow of up to 9.9 m3 per minute, so it can be used with total confidence in both summer and winter, since when placed at the right angle near a window, an air conditioner, heater or fireplace equipment favors the effective circulation of air and allows the cooling or heating of medium or small rooms.

In this way, according to the opinions of experts and users, this is a device that allows you to take full advantage of the capabilities of other natural and artificial sources, for greater effectiveness. In addition, it has an affordable price and favors energy savings, which increases its level of energy efficiency. It is one of the quietest devices with just 39 dB, reducing the noise generated during operation by up to 25%, which allows it to be used at night or during periods of rest.


This fan stands out for its efficiency. Its main function is its 3 adjustable speeds; low, medium and high, which allow you to adapt the air flow according to the needs of the place or the people who use it, which also contributes to energy savings, since it is not always necessary to use the maximum power, for Therefore, it is a practical and functional device, considered by many users to be the best fan of its kind.

The ability to circulate the air is another of its outstanding functions, since it offers a 360º rotation on its axis, to distribute the air throughout the room, which is quite useful in waiting rooms where many people are concentrated, generating a suitable and stable temperature for all.

It has an adjustable head, capable of rotating on its base until reaching an angle of 90°, with which it is possible to direct the air flow towards a fixed point in the room, such as a person, a computer or other electronic equipment that needs maintain a certain temperature for proper operation.


It is an innovative home fan that has a convenient compact size of 15.9 cm x 27.7 cm x 27.7 cm, which favors its installation on the floor, desk or nightstand, but it is also possible to hang it on the wall in rooms with limited space, offering greater comfort of use. Also, its parts and components are made of lightweight materials, so it weighs just 1.18 kg, which facilitates its transfer through a hidden handle on the back of the grid, making it possible to take it to different rooms in the home or office.

This attractive black fan has a wide base that offers added stability to prevent tipping when placed on the floor or table. In addition, it has 2 openings that allow you to hang it on the wall using screws. On the other hand, it includes 2 removable grids, which function as safety protectors, avoiding possible finger injuries in case they can reach the blades when it is fully operational. Despite this, cleaning is easy because it is possible to reach the internal parts that tend to accumulate dust.

To regulate the speed, the fan has a rotary knob on the top of the grille, which offers 4 positions; off, high, medium and low, making it easy to select the appropriate airflow. As if that were not enough, it has 3 blades and has a safety plug with a fuse to prevent overloads.

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