Honeywell THR840DBG Reviews

Main advantage: 

This product not only works for heating, but also for cooling systems. This gives it much more versatility, since you can adjust the temperature from 5°C to 35°C.

Main disadvantage: 

A disadvantage of this thermostat is that it does not come with very well explained instructions, therefore, those who do not have experience with this type of product could have difficulties installing it.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Both the installation and the use of this digital thermostat are very easy processes, for that reason, this product stands out with an excellent relationship between quality and price.

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Main Features Explained


The reason why many decide to purchase a digital thermostat is because they want to have a more effective energy consumption, avoiding spending more electricity than necessary. Honeywell knows this and for that reason has decided to minimize the electrical energy consumption of its THR840DBG digital thermostat, including an ECO mode in the device that offers heating with little electrical consumption.

The appliance has 4 buttons, 3 of them are white and represent the temperature control, the appliance on and off. The ecological function is easily recognizable on the thermostat, because to activate it you only have to press the only green button. By pressing the button, the ECO mode will start to work and will allow you to set a timed reduction in temperature, making energy consumption less and much more effective. To maintain more precise control, the screen will show the temperature of the place at all times.

In addition to this, the digital thermostat has another function that promotes energy efficiency. The TPI controls used, acronyms that represent Time Proportional and Integral, allow a more effective operation of the boilers, controlling them strictly to avoid abrupt changes in temperature or excess energy consumption.

Technical specifications

Knowing if a digital thermostat is really ideal to take care of your home and meet all your requirements is easy, all you have to do is read the various user opinions and take into consideration all the technical aspects of the product. There are several features to look out for when it comes to digital thermostats, and this is no different with this specific product.

Due to its eco-friendly power-saving function, the battery can reach a maximum life of 4 years, even with constant use of the product. You should also keep in mind that, despite having a quick and easy assembly, this is not a wireless thermostat. Its weight will also contribute to the simplicity of the installation, since the product only weighs 299 grams and you will not need any effort to manipulate it.

As for its measurements, the device has dimensions of 9.2 x 3 x 9.5 centimeters so as not to take up too much space on the wall where you decide to put it. Also, being a small product, the thermostat will be able to find a place in any area of ​​your home. The LCD screen that it has shows large numbers for better reading, despite the fact that the product is not large.


The relationship between quality and price of this device makes many consider this device as the best digital thermostat to save money and get good performance. Despite its size and price, Honeywell has given this appliance several technological highlights to make it more comfortable and easy to use.

One of the most outstanding qualities is the fact that this digital thermostat has an intelligent system that adapts to the use you give it. This feature is based on machine learning of frequently used temperatures. The product is compatible with various heating systems on the market, such as boilers and electric heaters up to 2.3 kW. However, in addition to working excellently in high temperatures, the appliance also has a cooling function. With this digital thermostat you can adjust the temperature of your home between 5°C and 35°C maximum. The product manages to maintain the temperature, without sudden fluctuations.

Despite having advanced technological qualities, its use is completely intuitive and even assembly is easy to do. It only has two cables and can be installed in a few minutes by following the steps indicated in the instruction manual included with the purchase of the device.

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