How to clean blinds on the outside

The blinds are very useful as part of the thermal and acoustic insulation system, in addition, they protect from the sun in the hottest time of the year. However, it is also true that when it comes to cleaning they can be problematic, especially when it is difficult to access the outside of the windows.

At home there are always certain things that are difficult to clean, from bathroom tiles, through canary cages and cat litter boxes, to windows. In this sense, cleaning blinds is one of the household activities that we tend to postpone the most, because it requires more effort when compared to other household tasks.

Meanwhile, time goes by and dirt accumulates more and more, especially on the outside of the blinds. However, we still need them, since they provide shade in summer, keeping the environment cooler inside the house.

In addition, in winter an exterior shutter not only offers privacy, but also prevents heat loss, allowing savings in heating energy costs. As if that were not enough, the blinds protect against noise throughout the year, thus helping to reduce stress and increase the quality of rest. This is why we have compiled information on how to clean blinds from the outside in the easiest way possible.

Types of blinds and their cleaning

Broadly speaking, shutters can be classified into two groups; indoor and outdoor. The first ones, as their name indicates, are installed inside the house, so they generally only accumulate a little dust. For their part, outdoor blinds tend to accumulate a lot of dirt, especially in large cities due to the high level of pollution. 

However, before proceeding to clean the blinds on the outside you should think about your safety. In some cases, due to the height and the type of blind, it will be better to hire a specialized technical service. Also, remember to wear gloves and a mask in case of dealing with dust, as well as mold, fungi and other microorganisms that occur in humidity.

1. Roller blinds

These are very modern and practical because they can be hidden almost completely. They are made of plastic and may have a metal frame, so vacuuming to remove dust is recommended. If you have an outdoor roller shutter and you want to clean it from the outside, you should use the extension tube to vacuum without major risks, especially if you live on a very high floor. Steam cleaners are very useful for cleaning this type of blinds if the dirt is very attached to the external surface; however, you should check with the manufacturer if the material is resistant to water vapor in order to adjust the temperature.

2. Venetian blinds

It is common for us to ask ourselves how to clean Venetian blinds, since they are very popular both in Spain and in other countries. In this sense, it must be understood that they come in different materials, including aluminum, plastic and even bamboo, so you must use the most convenient cleaning method to protect the material. For example, there are exterior Venetian blinds that are made of wood, so it is better to use a soft cloth moistened with neutral soap and water to remove dirt. It is worth noting that there are products specially manufactured to leave the wooden slats cleaner and brighter.

3. Thermal blinds

These are blinds made of aluminum and are specially designed to protect from noise and temperature from outside the house. Its closed system is usually very resistant and practical, for this reason, both the vacuum cleaner and the steam cleaner can be used, always with the extendable tube to facilitate cleaning from the outside. For greater durability, it is recommended to completely remove the cleaning products used and dry well at the end of the work.

4. mosquito nets

To know how to clean mosquito nets, you have to understand that it is a very particular type of blind, since it is a fabric that can be made of stainless steel, polyester, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. Thanks to the multiple pores, in most cases it is possible to clean the mosquito nets from the inside, obtaining good results even outside without having to leave the house. In this sense, it can be cleaned manually with a soft brush, but both the suction system and the hot steam system also work. If you already know how to clean aluminum blinds, then you can easily wash the mosquito net.

How to clean the blinds with natural products?

We have already mentioned steam as a good option for cleaning blinds. We can say that this is a fairly ecological and practical alternative, however, on many occasions the material is affected by grease and other elements that are difficult to remove. Therefore, it is good to review what are the ingredients that we can use to avoid the use of toxic chemical detergents.

1. Marseille soap

Marseille soap is an environmentally friendly product that comes in different presentations. It is made up of a mixture of various vegetable oils and may be the answer to the question of how to clean aluminum windows. In addition, it is useful for removing dirt from blinds, even if they are made of wood, since this substance does not damage delicate materials.

2. Vinegar and baking soda

These are two products that we normally have at home and they are used to remove grease from the blinds. You can dilute a little vinegar in distilled water, to moisten a soft cloth with the mixture, and proceed to rub the dirtiest parts of the blind. If you also put a few tablespoons of baking soda you will be creating an even more powerful cleaner. However, remember that it is a substance with a high degree of acidity, so this alternative is not recommended for wood.

3. Coarse salt

To remove the most embedded dirt on the outside of the blind, you can dilute a handful of coarse salt in half a cup of water. It is possible to apply the mixture with a damp cloth and for the most difficult areas it can be of great help to use a soft bristle brush.

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