How to clean my Delonghi coffee machine

De’Longhi is a brand of European origin that has gradually been incorporated into different market areas. Its specialty is electrical appliances, such as coffee machines, with which it has managed to be included in thousands of homes. If you have one, you should know that cleaning your De’Longhi coffee maker is an essential aspect.


De’Longhi, the Italian company

De’Longhi SpA is an Italian company that was founded in 1902 as a workshop for manufacturing parts for industrial use. Over time, the company became more and more established and was soon able to focus on other market areas.

One of the most important lines developed by the brand was that of household appliances and they currently have a fairly extensive catalog where you can find air conditioners, coffee machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, heaters, among many others.

The success of its sales in the European and Asian markets allowed De’Longhi to continue expanding its growth until it became a leading and reference brand when looking for any home appliance.

De’Longhi coffee machines

Coffee makers are one of the most used kitchen equipment on a daily basis, mainly because many people start their morning with a good cup of coffee.

In this category, De’Longhi offers some models that could be among the best coffee machines, as they have attractive, manageable, practical designs and innovative functions to improve the preparation of the drink.

Also, another advantage of De’Longhi coffee machines is that they can have integrated accessories, designed to work with different ingredients when making your coffee, such as the classic milk.

If among so many options it is difficult for you to determine which De’Longhi coffee maker to buy (by clicking on this link you can find some purchase options), we advise you to take a look at its Artista line, since it is one of the best known and most valued thanks to its designs. modern with very good quality finishes, as well as resistant and durable materials.

Importance of maintaining your De’Longhi coffee machine

Although it may seem that the fact that a coffee maker uses water at high temperatures kills bacteria and germs, the truth is that, in most cases, there is usually a little residual water that, when it reaches room temperature, creates the ideal environment for the development of entire colonies of these beings. This, in addition to being unhygienic, is also a risk to your health, since you do not know how your body could react if you ingest contaminated drinks.

The same goes for the deposits and the very water used to prepare the coffee. White water treatment and even drinking water have a certain degree of hardness that, over time, manages to accumulate residues inside the coffee maker, which can block the mechanisms, pipes or filtering systems.

cleaning methods

All the elements mentioned above could combine to cause a bad taste in your coffee, not allow the correct operation of the equipment and even damage it completely. For this reason, we will indicate some cleaning tricks with which you can keep your coffee maker looking new and always ready to use:


  1. cleaning tablets

Tablets could be classified as the most professional option to thoroughly clean your coffee maker. These types of products are responsible for decalcifying the interior of the equipment and are used practically automatically.

To clean your coffee maker with them, just drop a tablet into the water tank and activate the automatic cleaning function of the equipment. At the end, you must refill the tank and repeat the process, to eliminate the remains that may have remained.

If you don’t know which tablets could be good, we advise you to consider AmbiClean. You can easily buy them in online stores like Amazon.es and receive them directly at the door of your home.

AmbiClean cleaning tablets can be chosen in bottles of 30, 120 and up to 240 units, with cleaning compatibility for equipment of different brands including, of course, De’Longhi coffee machines.

  1. White vinegar

White vinegar is a very useful alternative to sanitize the coffee maker, since the level of acidity is responsible for eliminating bacteria. To use this method you must fill the tank halfway with water and the rest with white kitchen vinegar. Now activate the coffee maker in a standard brew cycle and when the mixture in the tank has reached half, turn off the equipment to let it rest. Then turn it back on and let it finish.

To eliminate odors or remains of the mixture, it is advisable to activate another complete cycle, but using only drinking water. You can also use this mixture to clean the outside of the coffee maker if it has been stained with moisture or coffee.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is very useful for cleaning the outside of the coffee maker, as it can remove stains and coffee grounds.

To use it, you must mix a teaspoon with hot water until dissolved. Soak a cloth with it to clean the different parts of your coffee maker, such as the casing, the tank, the skimmer, among others. Always remember to carry out a second cleaning with water without additives to remove any residue.

  1. Lemon juice

To apply the lemon juice method, you will need to squeeze enough to fill the tank of your coffee maker with 2 parts juice and 1 part water and activate a full cycle for coffee preparation.

At the end, the entire mixture will have gone through the inside of your coffee maker to sanitize it, so you should let it rest for about 20 minutes before refilling the tank, but this time with clean water to repeat the process and leave your coffee maker free of residue or odours.

As you can see, keeping your De’Longhi coffee maker clean is not too complicated and it won’t take you long either, so it is recommended to apply one of these methods at least once a week if you use the coffee maker daily, so you can prolong its usefulness. to enjoy it for much longer.

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