How to clean the bathroom

Many times, due to lack of time or dedication, the hygiene of the bathroom easily deteriorates, especially if there is no knowledge about the methods or tools necessary to clean it. If you are careful, in addition to exercising efficient practices, you can enjoy a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom.


If you are interested in knowing how to clean the bathroom correctly, as well as how to remove encrusted limescale from the toilet, whiten the bathtub or clean mold from the shower, we invite you to consider the following tips, where you will find help to reach an optimal level of hygiene in your bathroom:

Choose the right product

A common mistake that you may be making is to use a single product, for all the bathroom cleaning. Just as the kitchen or the room needs a detergent on the floor and another on the dishes or sheets, the same thing happens in the bathroom. Therefore, an essential step is to ensure that you purchase the recommended product for each area of ​​the bathroom, be it the shower, the toilet, the curtain or the tiles.

An alternative that could help you is cleaning ammonia; an effective product for when you need to clean the bathtub or clean the bathroom tiles. This product can easily remove any remaining dirt, as long as you let it sit for the recommended time.

However, you must be careful when using it, since the smell is intense and can make you dizzy and even cause intoxication. You should always try to have the room ventilated and not use too much at once, as well as having gloves and safety masks.


Have your cloths at hand

If you don’t know which cloth to buy, it would be best to check a comparison where you can find a model that is practical, durable and of good quality, to help you with cleaning for a long time.

In addition to this, we advise you to have several cloths, depending on what you are going to clean in the bathroom. If you use the same one for different areas, you will only be transferring the germs from one place to another; while having one for each place will help you maintain a higher level of hygiene and be more attentive to detail.

You should also keep in mind that, by using different cleaning products for each part of the bathroom, the cloths (here are some purchase options) will also get wet in different chemicals and, in some cases, it can be dangerous to mix them.

shower cleaning

To clean bathroom tiles, you can use disinfectant or detergent directly, with the help of a cloth. However, for stains or mold encrustation, you can choose to clean the tiles with baking soda.

Prepare a mixture of baking soda with water, to form a paste that you can apply in the spaces between the tiles and let it sit for a while, until you notice that the dirt begins to give way. Then, pass a cloth with clean water over it, to remove the remains and that’s it.

toilet flushing

If you have come this far because you don’t know how to clean a very dirty toilet, one of the most common alternatives to cleaning the toilet is to use a brush.

Its handling is quite simple and it will be easy for you to intuitively determine how to clean the bottom of the toilet with it, in order to remove any remaining dirt that has accumulated from the internal walls.

cleaning the bathtub

If you don’t know how to clean the bathtub, don’t worry, with the help of detergent, a brush and a little rubbing, you can remove any water marks, embedded mold or dirt stuck to the walls.

check the drawers

Another important detail, that some users tend to forget when cleaning their bathroom, is to pay attention to the countertop drawers or the mirror cabinet; in order to dispose of old products, garbage remains or expired tools. This is usually a corner where humidity accumulates and not regularly ventilating the drawers will produce unpleasant aromas, capable of penetrating the clothes.

The curtain

Replacing the shower curtain is crucial if it has reached a certain level of dirt that cannot be removed. 

This is necessary to maintain good hygiene in the bathroom, considering that it can accumulate humidity and mold relatively quickly.


Caring for the carpet

You can’t overlook the rug either. We advise you to wash it regularly, to prevent moisture from allowing bacteria colonies to form on the fabric.

Towel change

Wet towels that have not been properly dried can give off a very bad odor. Because of this, it is advisable to change dirty towels for clean ones at least once a week.

Wash bathroom accessories

A good alternative for those who do not know how to clean bathroom taps is to use baking soda, with the method explained above: preparing a paste and letting it rest on the pieces, and then rinse everything with clean water.

take care of ventilation

Whether you live in a humid or dry environment, it is important to have a ventilated bathroom if you want to avoid inconveniences such as excess humidity, concentrated aromas, mold and more.

Being a space intended for personal care and to meet physiological needs, it must have a good current of air, which can let out bad odors, as well as provide fresh air.

Dry the surfaces

Drying the surfaces is of vital importance when cleaning the shower screen, since, if it is left wet, the water stains can become embedded and become practically impossible to remove. This would dull the finish of the screen and aesthetically affect the entire bathroom.

The same applies to spaces like the sink or the toilet lid, so we recommend you spend a couple of minutes at the end, so you can dry everything properly.

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