How to clean the house fast

Order and cleanliness at home can be a bit difficult to maintain, mainly due to day-to-day obligations. However, living in a messy environment can have negative effects on health, so it is advisable to take into account the methods used to guarantee an acceptable level of order.

Cleaning the home, although it is important, is not always fully accomplished, either due to lack of time, capacity or simple laziness, but it is necessary to know how to organize a messy house before the dirt becomes excessive and can affect negative the spaces or the same health.


10 tricks to clean the house thoroughly

In the following list you will find a total of 10 tricks to clean the house where you will find both advice and some practical solutions, to facilitate the task of general house cleaning:


1. Create a plan

The house cleaning planning is one of the first steps that must be fulfilled, to facilitate the entire task as a whole. For this reason, before knowing how to start cleaning a house, it is recommended that you make a list, either mental or written, of all the spaces that you should pay attention to in your home, to better organize time and effort. In addition, this is also necessary to know which sweeping products or tools for the house will be most useful in your task.


2. Cleaning tools

Cleaning a house can sound pretty daunting if you don’t have a few tools designed to make the job easier, but fortunately, equipment to streamline the task and get it done faster abounds.

For the type of deep cleaning we are talking about, we advise you to have equipment such as vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners or hydrojets on hand, since they are quite useful outside. These devices are fast when it comes to cleaning and, depending on their accessories, you can take advantage of them in various areas.


3. Pre-vacuum

To do a deep cleaning of the house, it is best to carry out a previous vacuuming session on the floor fabrics, furniture and curtains, since, if you start sweeping or mopping, you could create wind currents that raise the dust from surfaces and spread it into the environment.

In this sense, having a powerful vacuum cleaner, for example, can help you get rid of dust fast, to start deep cleaning in less time. In the same way, and with the right accessories, you can also take advantage of it to dust the curtains in the living room or the carpet in the dining room.

4. Starting from the top down

One tip that many netizens follow is to start cleaning from the top down, to prevent dust from places like countertops, lamps, and shelves from dirtying the floor you’ve already swept.

In this task you can take advantage of both vacuum cleaners and cloths, to reach difficult places and remove the dust, before it is spread throughout the room and the furniture.


5. Sanitizing the bathroom

The bathroom is another of the important spaces that tend to get dirty at home, especially if care is not taken when getting out of the shower or using the sink, for example.

To thoroughly clean these types of areas, you can use a combination of vinegar, water, and bicarbonate of soda, which you should empty into the toilet bowl once a week, to keep it clean and odor-free for longer. This will help the bathroom cleaning to be done faster next time.

6. Attention in the kitchen

Keeping a clean kitchen can be a challenge, but you can follow simple recommendations to have a safe level of hygiene in the place, such as taking out the garbage daily, not leaving empty packaging anywhere, avoiding leaving plates, glasses or cutlery unwashed etc.

To sanitize countertops, we recommend taking advantage of disinfectants and vinegar, since both have neutralizing effects, to leave surfaces free of dirt and bad odors in just minutes.

7. Room care

You can not neglect the rooms of the home either, mainly because it is the sanctuary where you can rest and replenish energy, to fulfill all your obligations.

In this space, you can focus primarily on the bed, making sure to change the sheets at least once a week and stretch them every day. Coming home and seeing a clean bed to lie on can be more restful than you imagine.


8. Laundry

A good trick to prevent clothes from accumulating at home and to have your clothes always clean is to wash little by little during each day of the week. For example, when you get home at the end of the day, you can put what you wear in the washing machine and take it out in the morning.


9. Take advantage of containers

Plastic containers are a cheap and quick alternative to increase the level of organization at home. You can buy them in different sizes and, generally, they come with a lid; so they can be stacked to save even more space.

In a container, for example, your little one can easily store the pieces of his Playmobil 4270 Roman Circus or his Megablocks set, to avoid creating excessive clutter in the room.


10. Throw away the unnecessary

One of the last, but most important cleaning tips is to get rid of the unnecessary. When you go through all the rooms and spaces in your house, we recommend getting rid of objects that you are not going to use anymore, such as old clothes, old toys, damaged appliances, decorations that you do not like at all, etc.

Freeing the spaces of these unnecessary elements will help make the whole house more orderly and clear, as well as warding off the bad energy that is usually generated by having things damaged and stored.

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