How to configure and calibrate a pellet stove?

When a pellet stove is installed for the first time it is necessary to configure it, according to certain parameters, so that it can work without any inconvenience. In general, this work is carried out by the technician who is in charge of installing it, but it is worth learning how to do it if you need it. 

Pellet stoves are an effective, simple and relatively inexpensive solution to enjoy a more pleasant environment at home, even if it is very cold outside.

These equipments take advantage of electricity to burn the pellets; which is nothing more than a kind of compressed fuel in small granules with high caloric power. Such devices are cheaper to use than normal heating, in addition to being able to be configured according to the needs of each user and you can find them in various sizes, colors, designs, shapes, etc.

To be able to install them properly, they require access to the outside for the use of the smoke outlet pipe, but, beyond this, they can be considered as an efficient alternative to gas stoves, fireplaces or any other heating method.

However, when configuring this type of installation at home, it is important to be familiar with the steps to follow, to avoid mishaps later.

How to program a pellet stove?

If you want to try to configure and calibrate your pellet stove without having to contact a technician, in the following space we will indicate step by step the parameters that you must change before using the equipment: 

  1. Access Configuration mode

With the machine on and the screen active, look for the SET button on the interface and keep it pressed for approximately 5 seconds to access the Configuration section. You’ll know you’re logged in when you see a format code F0-1 at the top and an adjustable value at the bottom on the screen. 

  1. schedule feeding

Once you have accessed the System Configuration of the pellet stove, you will have to press the SET button twice again, to change to F0-3, where you can calibrate the equipment’s power supply . In this section, the power up/down buttons will function as gauges, so when you press either, you can see the value at the bottom change. Press DOWN until it reaches 90 and press SET again to move on to the other parameter. 

  1. Configure power on

Here we find F0-4 that corresponds to the ignition section, which should have a value of 50. If not, you will have to change it until it is in the correct number. Then press SET again and this will take you to F0-5 which is the second power stage to set the parameter to 40. 

  1. Adjust engine speed

Now we continue with the adjustment of the motor speed by pressing the SET button 2 times until we reach F1-2. Once you find it, you will need to change the parameter to 20. End this section by touching SET twice again, which will take you to F2-2, for the second stage of setting the motor speed. Here the corresponding value is 30. We touch SET twice again and we arrive at F3-2, which should be set to 40. We repeat the process and now in F4-2, we take the value to 45. Finally, we change to F5 -2 and this value will remain at 50.

  1. second feeding

We repeat the action of pressing SET a couple of times and we will arrive at F7-1 which corresponds to the second power supply. This parameter should be set to 11. Next, we go to F7-2 with the touch SET method and set it to 50. 

  1. save changes

After setting the last value, you will have reached the end of the list of functions, so you will only have to press SET once and this will save all the changes you have made to the system values ​​of the pellet stove.


How much does a pellet stove spend?

In order to calculate how much a pellet stove spends, you need to take into account the power of the equipment and the way you use it. In general, domestic models consume approximately 100W to 150W, but when the equipment is turned on, these levels can reach 400W.

A good method to calculate it is considering the cost of the pellets and the cost of the energy, according to the watts with which your stove works. For example, if you use 1 kilogram of pellets, these are equivalent to a consumption of approximately 0.26 euros, while one hour of use generates an electrical cost of 0.013 euros per hour.

Now, in the scenario where the pellet stove is left on for 8 hours at night, this will be equivalent to an energy consumption of 2 euros per day if the following formula is followed: 

Pellet consumption/h + Electricity consumption/h = Expenditure generated/h. 

At the end of the month, your cost just for lighting the pellet stove will be approximately 60 euros. That is why it is so important to regulate the pellet stove according to the hours when there are usually people at home, so that resources and energy are not wasted by keeping it on without use.

pellet stove problems 

Among the breakdowns in pellet stoves we find errors that may appear after certain events have occurred to the equipment. In most cases, this can occur due to the following causes:

  • power failures
  • Changes in pressure in the smoke outlet
  • shelf life compliance
  • Excessive heat in the pipes 

As you can see, these errors are due more than anything to the malfunction of the pellet stove, so it is essential to configure it properly if you want to prevent the appearance of problems in the long run.

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