How to decorate a small bathroom

Despite being a room of great importance in our home, in most homes the bathroom is smaller than it should be. Fortunately, there are solutions to make the most of the available space and enjoy a more spacious sensation when using it.

For a long time, the bathroom has been a poorly used place in our home. Something that is a problem for everyone, but especially for homeowners with small bathrooms. Something that can be overwhelming and that reduces the functionality of the room when using it.

The good news is that there are many options to turn this space into a more welcoming place, without having to spend too much. To do this, just take a look at our ideas for small bathrooms, with which it is easy to go from overwhelming approaches to modern and elegant small bathrooms, worthy of decoration magazine.

Shower plate

If your bathroom is old, it is probably equipped with a conventional bathtub. Something that makes the bathroom narrow, especially if the room has a rectangular and elongated format. To save space, it is very interesting to change the bathtub for a shower tray

This small reform frees up part of the space in these bathrooms, also having the advantage that, if we have a transparent or slightly translucent screen, we will also gain in spaciousness and comfort. Something ideal to visually enlarge these small bathrooms with a shower.


Just like the bathtub, many bathrooms have old, oversized toilets. Changing them for more modern and smaller alternatives is a good way to gain space and achieve a more pleasant sensation. You can even resort to flown toilets, which leave the floors accessible and visible.

Amplifying the sensations

Since we cannot knock down walls, the solution to enlarge small bathrooms is to expand the sensations of the room. Something for which it is key to bet on light colors for the walls and the ceiling. White tones give a greater depth to the room, which is ideal so that the space is not so overwhelming. 

If you want to create contrast, use one of the combinations of tiles for small bathrooms that we find on the market. Do not forget to fit this approach with the bathroom decorations that you are going to place.

Soil Matters Too

The floor is one of those elements that are sometimes left aside. However, there are two main lines here. One is that of white and cream tones, which follows the theory that we have developed in the previous point. The other option is to choose darker tones, precisely to contrast. If you bet on this latest trend, do not go overboard with the dark, so as not to break the trend of the room.

The importance of furniture

One of the strengths of modern and functional small bathrooms is the furniture. Gone are the old romis, bulky cabinets and bathroom furniture that take up half the room. In return, today we have elegant and functional options, ideal for creating charming small bathrooms that are also practical. 

Among these pieces of furniture, the flown or hanging ones stand out, which take up less space and leave the floor visible, providing more space. In addition, their current style makes these pieces an ideal proposal to equip a modern bathroom.

simplicity rules

When it comes to furnishing small bathrooms, we must bear in mind that less is more. The fewer objects, furniture and decorations we have, the more comfortable and practical the space will be. This does not prevent these areas from becoming beautiful bathrooms, since sometimes a couple of details are enough for this part of the house to have its own style.

Something for which we have elements such as small modern sinks, good bathroom furniture with current design, the most modern bathroom shelves or the most minimalist options for bathroom utensils, such as cups for brushes or toilet paper holders.

Taking advantage of the spaces

Of course, when it comes to small marble bathrooms, or any other type, space is key. And this implies taking advantage of the small corners available according to what we need. Of course, always without overloading the stay , as we mentioned before.

These small spaces are interesting to place storage elements, such as modern bathroom shelves. Here it is easy to place what we use in our day to day. This space is also useful to place some decorative details, with which to give a specific image to the room. Something necessary if we want a youthful bathroom, one with a modern style or with a vintage touch.

The importance of the mirror

The mirror is another key element in bathroom decoration. The latest trend is mirrors that are recessed or mounted directly on the wall. Something that saves space and gives more space, compared to conventional models. In addition, this approach helps to place even larger or even custom pieces, as you prefer. Something that also influences a small bathroom to look much larger.

As for the style, many people opt for the bare mirror on the wall, although it is also possible to place a small frame or border on it. However, it is convenient that these extras are not too large, so as not to eat up the space in these bathrooms decorated with mirrors.

a touch of light

As a last piece of advice, it is key to talk about bathroom lighting. This must fulfill a double function: practical and decorative. This means that the location of the light must be ideal for us to see everything we do clearly and they are a basic element in small modern bathrooms.

The latest trend, when it comes to decorating a small bathroom, is to resort to LED lighting . This generates a brightness that enlarges the room and gives it more space, being also practical due to its intensity. It is also the ideal solution to place some lights on the mirror, a small wall light or to replace the traditional ceiling light.

Completing the stay

As the last elements to consider, there are small details that give a special touch to the room without taking up too much space. We are talking about the curtains that, if they are clear, will also expand the room. You can also include a small plant, on a shelf or hanging in a corner. If these details break the main line of the room, they will help to complete that sensation of space that we have been commenting on.

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