How to enjoy your garden throughout the year

For a long time, we thought that the garden or the terrace were to be enjoyed when the weather was good, but today we have many options to make the most of this space at almost any time of the year.

Having an outdoor space such as a garden or a terrace at hand is always a good idea to enjoy outdoors without having to leave home. However, to take advantage of these spaces, the weather had to accompany it, so it was usual that, apart from the summer and the milder months of autumn and spring, this space was limited in its enjoyment. Fortunately, thanks to the wide range of accessories that we currently have within our reach, it is easy to enjoy our garden almost all year round. And best of all, you won’t have to invest too much to equip your home and get even more out of this space.

Fireplaces and stoves

One of the main enemies that we find when it comes to enjoying the outdoors during the winter months are low temperatures. However, on those days when the sun rises, warming the atmosphere a bit, while the wind is calm, the truth is that you feel like spending time in the garden or on the terrace. To solve the problems with the low temperatures of the environment, the usual ones at the time, we only have to resort to solutions such as fireplaces or garden stoves.

Many of these stoves are probably already familiar to you if you walk through the center of any city, where the bar terraces are located. These stoves allow heating the environment of the area where they are located, with an approximate range of 20 to 30 square meters for a product of about 10 to 13 kilowatts of power. In addition, in gas models, it is not necessary to worry about having a plug nearby, they are completely autonomous and generally have lower costs than electric models.

The most rustic alternative is found in fireplaces and garden braziers. These products burn all kinds of wood, or even pellets, and have open and closed formats. The latter consist of a space covered by refractory crystals, which distribute the heat to the environment. For their part, the open models generate a very pleasant sensation, both thermal and visual, although it is advisable to be careful with the wind.


When we talk about garden and terrace, we generally think of summer. But the truth is that when the thermometers comfortably exceed 40 degrees, sometimes it is difficult to be in a place without refrigeration. Fortunately, this problem also has suitable solutions.

The simplest are the lifelong fans. These products move the air and generate a certain sensation of freshness. They have the advantage of being cheap, spend little and can be placed anywhere. However, if you want something more efficient, you have evaporative air conditioners at your disposal. These more powerful domestic models are responsible for both humidifying and cooling the environment, while generating high-level ventilation. Enough to fight against the high temperatures typical of the season and have better comfort.


Another important element to protect ourselves from cold and heat is to have structures on our terrace or garden that are suitable for our needs. The most common is to resort to the classic pergola, either conventional or with a plant cover, but the truth is that the current offer of marquees and gazebos that we find on the market can be even more interesting.

The idea is that many of these structures include walls in their approach, which is a wonderful complement both to avoid currents or the most intense cold of winter and to block out the sun more during summer. In the latter case, some models incorporate opening windows and other ventilation elements, which prevent both the excessive accumulation of heat and gases in the event of using stoves inside. 

As if that were not enough, the existing offer also covers all kinds of approaches in terms of measurements and dimensions. Therefore, it does not matter if you do not have large spaces in your garden or terrace or if you want to make it big. In both cases, you will easily find an ideal option for you. As a reference, in the market we find products that range from 9 to more than 100 square meters of surface, ideal for covering any space you need.

Best of all, the design is as comfortable and easy to set up and take down as more classic structures. So if there comes a time of year when you no longer see the convenience of having the tent set up in your garden, it will only take a few minutes to store it until the good weather returns to your environment. 

Furniture and accessories

The last element that remains for us to analyze is the garden furniture and the corresponding accessories. Starting with the furniture itself, there are certain materials that are more pleasant for general use, such as vegetable fibers or wood. These products maintain a more comfortable temperature throughout the year and are not as affected by cold or heat, as is the case with metal or plastic furniture.

Something similar happens with textiles that, although they are more expendable during the summer, are very necessary during the winter. During the colder seasons, it is recommended to resort to elements such as cushions and padding on armchairs or chairs. It can also be interesting to use tablecloths for the tables that give a greater feeling of home.

Obviously, as far as textiles are concerned, it is recommended to keep them inside until it is time to use them, so that they do not get cold or deteriorate in bad weather. It is also advisable to maintain adequate cleaning, as the product needs it, ensuring that it is not exposed to the cold if it is wet.

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