How to organize a messy house

According to a study carried out at Princeton University, United States, the disorder of a house can affect concentration, hinder our abilities and even generate stress and fatigue. Therefore, ordering is not only a matter of aesthetics; it is also about seeking a mental balance.

For many people, keeping their home organized is practically a challenge; the excuses are limitless when it comes to getting started on homework. Whether it’s lack of time, lifestyle, children, pets or the small size of the house.

How to order the house and how to keep it organized is not only an aesthetic problem of achieving harmony between objects; clutter also affects emotional health and well-being.

Simple tricks to keep your house organized

There are as many ideas for ordering the house as there are types of homes. For this reason, experts advise that in order to achieve the long-awaited order, you must first become aware of the problem. However, beyond this, it is necessary to want to solve it and establish clear and short-term goals.

Get rid of what is not useful

Faced with the difficult task of how to clean a very dirty and messy house, the first step is to choose the things that are of no use and then get rid of them; such as bathroom or kitchen accessories, shoes, old clothes, hot rollers that no longer work, damaged appliances, etc.

Eliminating is an important part when you have too many things in disorder; not only for gaining physical space, it is also about mental health. Although it could be difficult for some people due to attachments, so you can start with those things that represent less emotional attachment.

Getting rid of objects also helps to declutter rooms and keep everything more organized, while making everyday cleaning easier.

Everything in its place

Once the final decision has been made about the things that are going to be kept, one of the ideas to organize the house is to order everything in its respective place. When, for example, a towel is stored in the tablecloth compartment, it will be difficult to find it later. The same happens with handbags, clothing, jewelry, etc.; for this, everything must go in its place.

The great allies of order

To maintain order and maximize each space in the house, it is necessary to have compartmentalized drawers, drawer dividers, cabinets and boxes.

The compartmentalized drawers favor organization, regardless of whether they are located in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. For this reason, it is advisable to use them to store pieces that fulfill the same function as towels, table linen, socks, underwear, pajamas, etc.

Drawer dividers are another storage must-have, helping to keep everything in sight and easily accessible.

The cabinets are very useful in the bathroom, there you can store cotton, soaps, creams, makeup and any other personal hygiene product. With this it will no longer be necessary to leave things lying on the sink countertop.

Storage boxes are also a handy solution to deal with clutter. They can be purchased individually or in a set of different sizes, which would serve to organize the cabinets elegantly.

You can also use shelves, hangers, sideboards, shelves, shoe racks and any other piece of furniture that promotes order and storage.

The kitchen, a difficult area

When it comes to how to start cleaning a house, the kitchen area is the space that has the most work, since it is where the most clutter and dirt tend to accumulate, so it is essential to clean and vacuum every corner. To do this, an excellent option is to use a Rowenta vacuum cleaner that facilitates this task.

It is also important to avoid the accumulation of appliances and things, which are often not used frequently, on the countertop; so it is better to store them in a closet, on a shelf or drawer and leave there, only those of continuous use such as a coffee maker or blender.

Regarding the pantry, to avoid clutter, you can use transparent jars or containers to store rice, coffee, flour, sugar, etc. It is also advisable to buy only the food that has been finished and not to accumulate products unnecessarily.

The order in the bedrooms

A general rule that should be applied in all homes is to make the bed when you get up. Likewise, a habit that promotes disorder is to leave clothes on a chair or bed when returning from the street; which turns a bedroom into a messy room. Therefore, the recommendation is to store each garment in its respective place; either in the closet or in the laundry basket.

As for the children’s room, this enclosure could well be the most messy place in the house. One possible solution is to encourage the smallest habits of order and cleanliness, in order to keep this space organized. For this, easily accessible boxes or shelves can be provided for them to store their toys each day.

spotless halls

For a room to look clean and organized, it should not have unnecessary things. Organizing everything intelligently considering the use you give to the objects could be of great help. In this way, clear rooms could be achieved, with a harmonious and attractive decoration. You could use magazine racks, baskets or tables with drawers, which allow you to keep the control knobs of the equipment or any frequently used object close at hand.

It is not enough to spend hours organizing all the chaos in the house, the important thing is to maintain order and thus be able to enjoy a calm, welcoming, serene and organized environment; while achieving stability and tranquility.

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