How to remove the smell of tobacco

Tobacco consumption is a harmful habit for health, which is a bit unpleasant to the sense of smell of some people, because its smell has an intense nature and, therefore, it tends to permeate textile fabrics or objects that are in contact. with smoke coming off of it.

There is a wide variety of soft, sweet, citrus, floral, minty, warm and fresh scents, which have the ability to be engraved in people’s olfactory memory, recalling special moments in them or, in the case of aromatherapy, they could help to release the stress accumulated from day to day.

Likewise, there are the empireumatic aromas , which have a smoky, woody or burnt touch, among which tobacco smoke stands out. It is an odor with an intense nature, which is usually unpleasant for non-smokers. This is because the aroma, apart from causing irritation in the nostrils of those who suffer from respiratory conditions, is also immediately impregnated in clothing, hair, skin, furniture, curtains, among other objects that are in contact with the smoke.

In this sense, the first option that people who live with a tobacco smoker can resort to is to wash the textiles and disinfect the spaces with cleaning products to mitigate the smell. However, this is not a long-term solution, as when you smoke again, the aroma will reappear.

The correct thing to eliminate the smell of tobacco from the house or office is to treat the air accumulated in the different rooms, with the help of a vaporizer or air purifier for tobacco (you can find here some options to compare), which through its technology of filters are responsible for trapping bad odors, caused by particles released from tobacco smoke and suspended in the environment. Similarly, there are many tricks to remove the smell of tobacco , whose results are highly effective and can be done easily, without having to invest a lot of money.

How to remove the smell of tobacco from the environment?

The smell of tobacco is one of the most difficult to eradicate, however, it is not an entirely impossible task. If you are wondering how to remove the smell of tobacco from a specific room in your home, you will be interested to know that some ingredients, used daily in food preparations, have the ability to encapsulate such an annoying aroma, eliminate it, and even perfume the air. making the spaces cooler and more pleasant places for non-smokers.

Next, we explain in detail how to neutralize strong odors using some homemade recipes, with ingredients that everyone probably has at home.

Coffee as a homemade odor neutralizer

Whole grain or ground coffee has an aroma with an intense and warm note, capable of pleasing the sense of smell of thousands of people. In addition, this well-known element has the particularity of neutralizing a series of aromas, which could be annoying. This is precisely what happens with the smell of tobacco, whose particles are attracted by the coffee and encapsulated, leaving the open air with such an unpleasant aroma.

To carry out this effective homemade recipe, it will be necessary to have some small containers on hand, which must be filled with coffee in any of its presentations. Then, the person will have to distribute the bowls throughout the room, preferably placing them in the corners. Thus, the aroma will be absorbed and will not end up being spread by other rooms.

Vinegar solution with water

Vinegar is an acid known for its disinfectant properties, usually used to eliminate bacteria present on vegetables or surfaces of some objects. For example, before preparing a salad, lettuce, tomato and onion are usually soaked in a vinegar solution. Likewise, this mixture is applied to the bathroom tiles to clean them.

In addition, vinegar is considered a powerful household odor absorber, capable of releasing the aroma of nicotine adhering to the walls or furniture of the home. It is only necessary to pour at least 80% vinegar and 20% water into a pot. In this way, you will be able to prepare a concentrated solution, which you must then apply to the affected area, which is easy to identify because it has a yellowish hue.

Finally, moisten a cloth or sponge with the mixture to clean the walls of nicotine. It is not necessary that the movements be too vigorous, but the surface must be impregnated with vinegar, so it is not recommended to rinse the area.

Natural flavoring with fruits

Fruits are characterized by having a fresh and revitalizing smell, but specifically citrus-type fruits are considered a natural flavoring, whose action is effective in combating tobacco smoke.

As with the coffee recipe mentioned initially, you will have to distribute some small format containers around the room and, inside them, place the peels of some lemons, oranges or tangerines. In a maximum of 15 minutes, the smell of tobacco will have disappeared.

Incense to dissipate the smell of tobacco

Fighting smoke with smoke is usually recommended as a good trick to remove the smell of tobacco from the living room, kitchen, bedrooms or other rooms in the home. In this sense, lighting a few sticks of incense is ideal to dissipate the annoying aroma left by tobacco and, in turn, immediately perfume the spaces with the preferred scent of each person.

These are just some of the recipes used to learn how to eliminate the smell of tobacco at home, but there are many others, such as natural incense with sweet cloves or scented herbs. Likewise, there are commercial aromatizers in oil, candles or those that have a practical spray presentation.

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