How to reset the Vaillant boiler?

Compared to older models, today’s boilers have a significant weight of electronics in their operation. Something that has improved its performance, but can also cause performance problems. Luckily, many of them disappear with a simple reset of the boiler.

Hot water and heating boilers are an ideal proposal to enjoy greater comfort in our home at a reasonable cost. A task for which it is convenient to bet on quality products, such as Vaillant boilers. This manufacturer has a long history in the market and a wide range of products, suitable for all types of uses.

However, this does not mean that their products are perfect or free from failure. Among the usual problems that this equipment suffers, are those related to the electronic part of the boiler . These elements have more and more weight in these devices, compared to what happened in the old Vaillant boilers, which barely included this type of component. Luckily, many of these problems are easy to fix, as long as you know how to reset a Vaillant boiler. 

If you have the manual for your Vaillant boiler, you will have no problem knowing the procedure. And if you don’t have it, you don’t have to worry either. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about resetting Vaillant boilers and the usual problems in their operation.

This is how a Vaillant boiler is reset

To reset a Vaillant boiler, simply look for the reset button, which is usually located on the boiler’s control panel. However, in some models its position may vary, as happens in the Vaillant Ecotec boiler or in other models.

Once the button is located, we only have to press it for about 10 seconds, without releasing it and continuously . After this time, we will see how the boiler screen turns off and on, which indicates that we have carried out the process correctly and that the device is recharging the system.

When to reset a Vaillant boiler

As with our computer or mobile phone, resetting our Vaillant boiler can be the solution to many operating problems. The electronics are very efficient but they are not perfect and, if they fail, this is the solution.

However, there are some cases in which it is necessary to carry out a reset on the boiler in an almost obligatory way. The first of these cases is when a red light comes on in the boiler. This light is an indicator that there is something wrong with it. In these cases, restarting the boiler can solve the problem that caused the alert, by carrying out a complete reset of the product.

Another case in which it is convenient to carry out this reset is in the presence of certain Vaillant error codes, which are shown on the boiler screen. Since the list is quite long, we recommend you refer to the manual to find out what causes the appearance of said code and whether it is necessary to reset the boiler or not. If you don’t have the manual, you can search for it on the Internet, where it is also easy to find tables with the most common error codes .

It is also necessary to carry out this reset when the boiler has ignition problems. In general, the boiler is usually blocked after three unsuccessful ignition attempts. The idea is to prevent the gases from accumulating and this can cause an accident. This problem is solved by verifying if the gas and water supply is adequate, as well as that the entire evacuation system is properly cleaned. Once these operations are finished, it only remains to reset the system so that everything returns to normal.

We do not want to forget about the general blockages of the boiler. These devices have a series of security elements that, in case of problems with the air, gas or whatever, are responsible for blocking the system. Generally, the problems are usually punctual. Therefore, it is enough to perform a reset of the boiler so that it recovers its usefulness and normal operation.

The last case in which it is necessary to perform this reset is after repairing a fault in the device. Among these problems are recharging the system, necessary when the pressure of the Vaillant boiler is not adequate, as well as cleaning operations both inside the boiler and in the chimney. The latter can cause inconveniences in the operation if an adequate evacuation of the gases is not achieved. 

What if I have to restart my boiler often?

So far we have seen the cases in which a boiler reset can save you from calling a technician. However, the need to reset the boiler is also an indicator of its health status. Let us think that, if the boiler is blocked and requires a frequent reset, it is a sign that something is wrong .

Among the reasons that generate these continuous blockages or the specific need to reset the system again, is the dirtiness of the system. A dirty flue outlet or a saturated burner often cause this type of problem. The same goes for leaks that may be in the circuit. If these leaks are not resolved, they will reoccur and cause problems and crashes again.

Another common reason is a blocked heat exchanger. This problem prevents adequate circulation of water during the use of the product, which generates the corresponding alarm. Finally, electrical or electronic causes are common, because a component fails. A problem whose repair cost is usually considerable.

In all these cases, we recommend that you contact a specialized technical service as soon as possible. Early action can reduce the importance of the breakdown and its economic cost.

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