how to scrub the ground so that there are no brands

Among the various household tasks, mopping the floor is one of the most important, since this is one of the areas that accumulate dirt most quickly. Sometimes, getting the surface completely clean and streak-free becomes a challenge, but know that there are some tricks to achieve it without complications.

Floor cleaning requires a certain dedication at home, as it is a large area, full of furniture, objects and corners that can be difficult to reach. For this reason, many people report difficulties in completing this task or simply lack of interest in doing it.

However, if you execute cleaning practices strategically, having a shiny floor will take less time than you expect. To help you achieve this, here are general tips for removing dirt without leaving marks on surfaces.

Identifies the type of floor and the corresponding cleaning technique

The first thing you should do is know what the type of floor in your home is, in order to identify the technique to carry out the cleaning. For example, scrubbing tasks can be executed more or less frequently depending on the material. In this sense, for example, the use of wax is recommended on certain floors, but for others it can be negative, as can the excess of soapy products.

Remove dust and dirt

The first thing that should be done is to remove the dust and dirt accumulated on the surface. This applies to any type of soil and can be done using various instruments. On ceramic, concrete and stone floors, it is possible to use a conventional broom, with soft bristles or the vacuum cleaner, which is of great help in large areas and when there are particles that are more difficult to capture.

However, on wooden, synthetic, or marble floors, it is more convenient to use the vacuum cleaner directly, since they can become more delicate coatings. 

Passing the mop is another action of great help to remove dust and particles. In certain cases, it can be done directly on the floor without sweeping, such is the case of synthetic and wooden floors. Of course, the practice is convenient only if the presence of dust or particles is not too high. Otherwise, it is always better to sweep before any other action.

Use natural cleansers

With a few exceptions, the use of natural cleaners is the most recommended for almost all types of flooring, since these are products that will not damage the surface, have a high disinfecting power and help to eliminate odors and stains present on the floor. area.

Thus, when using the mop, it is recommended to clean with baking soda and vinegar, mixed with the water where said cleaning instrument will be submerged. You can also spray the solution on the surface and mop it right away. These practices are ideal if it is a simple stoneware floor, or a porcelain stoneware floor.

In the category of natural products, we also find oils, which are of great help when you don’t know how to clean a wooden floor so that it shines, or how to make a matte stoneware floor shine.

To do this, simply apply some essential oil to the previous solution. Linseed oil is highly recommended for wooden surfaces, but any other oily extract can also be used, such as olive, almond or coconut oil. In addition, these products will bring a pleasant aroma to the area.

Use only the correct amount

When it comes to a cleaning that is carried out infrequently, or it is necessary to remove certain stains, for example, when cleaning a very dirty kitchen floor, it is possible to resort to the use of other products to scrub the floor, such is the case of neutral soaps, a neutral detergent or with the preferred aroma, turpentine, or chlorine.

However, it is a good idea to make sure you apply a moderate amount, to avoid damage to certain types of soil . In any case, you should know that the marks on the surface are caused when the solution with which the mop is applied is very soapy or the mop is not squeezed out correctly.

A dry mop to remove moisture

In this sense, an efficient practice so that the floor is not left with marks is to pass a dry mop, in order to remove moisture. Similarly, those who do not know how to shine parquet are also instructed to use the mops when they are dry, as this will give the surface a polished effect. However, the rotary machine designed for this can also be used.

Likewise, when cleaning laminate flooring with vinegar or cleaning matte laminate flooring, the recommendation is also to use the technique of passing a dry mop, in order to enhance the shine that should characterize surfaces of this type.

Don’t forget the corners and joints

Beyond a quick cleaning, it is essential to remove dirt in the corners and joints, in those types of floors that generally concentrate particles or stains between one piece and another. 

For this, it is enough to use a small brush (generally a toothbrush that is no longer used) with the same mixture of vinegar with baking soda that, eventually, can be prepared in a more concentrated way if the dirt is deep-rooted, applying a smaller amount of water to give the mixture more density.

As can be seen, these are very simple practices that, if executed with certain frequency, will end up requiring less time than expected. The best thing is that by using natural products we are choosing a cheaper and less harmful cleaning method for the health of those who live in the place.

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