How to start cleaning a house

When it comes to deep cleaning at home, we are able to find any excuse to put off the task, when all we need is to learn and apply some tricks to clean the house thoroughly that allow us to maintain order and cleanliness. Our home. 

To clean the house you do not need a doctorate or a master’s degree, but we must recognize that to optimize our time and performance in this task it would be convenient to have a house cleaning plan. 

We are not talking about a specialized course, or anything like that, they are just some tips on how to clean the house with which it will be much easier to maintain the organization and cleanliness of the home.

When to start?

Dirty and messy houses do not provide comfort to families, nor are they a welcoming space to rest or receive visitors. And if you are reading our post, it is because you definitely want to have your house in order. We congratulate you on the initiative, because we know that between work, children, your partner and all the other activities of your day to day, cleaning the home is relegated to the last places. In this context, it is normal that the tasks have accumulated and you think, where do I start cleaning my house?

It is precisely with the change of season that we find the right time to thoroughly clean the house. This is exactly why spring cleaning is so popular, in which we move furniture, dust, clean walls and tighten screws. 

But how do you clean it correctly and in the fastest way? To respond to this approach we must limit that there are several factors that can determine how long it takes to clean a house. From the number of rooms, the size of the floor, the amount of furniture as well as decorative objects, if you have curtains and carpets, among others. 

What we can establish is how to organize yourself to clean the house thoroughly and make your spring cleaning a success. You can start by selecting all the products and utensils that you are going to need, to avoid wasting time searching the cupboard for utensils such as a bucket, mop, broom, dustpan, disinfectants, etc.

Now, do a visual scan of your home to identify and rank which rooms are the most messy , followed by the least dirty. This way, you can decide which one to start with and set a time range for cleaning each space. After taking these first steps you can continue with our cleaning plan, which you can customize to your liking, we only give you a guide that you can replicate or modify, according to your preferences. 

  • Shake, sweep and collect

In this first stage we recommend opening all the windows so that the house is ventilated, renewing the air in the home. Next, you need to dust high shelves, cabinets, and other areas that don’t get cleaned often. 

By sweeping the whole house you will be able to collect the dust that you have thrown away. Also, in this phase it is opportune to collect all the things that are out of place to reduce clutter and improve the visual appearance of the house. 

  • Follow the room

To clean the living room, a traditional vacuum cleaner or, better yet, a steam cleaner will be of great help when vacuuming and removing dirt from furniture, windows, as well as cleaning the floor more efficiently and in less time. Do not forget the corners and hidden spaces behind furniture or cabinets, as dust, insects and a lot of dirt accumulate there.

Similarly, remember to clean the lamps with a damp cloth, just like the paintings. Don’t forget to wash the curtains, if you have them. Finally, scrub the floor in a traditional way and with specific products depending on the material. 

  • Let’s go to the kitchen

The kitchen may be the room that needs the most time and effort for a deep cleaning, since it is essential to remove all the grease on the stove, walls and cabinets. Also, on the floor it can accumulate if it is not cleaned frequently. In this sense, a steamer will be very helpful, again, because with the action of steam, grease and dirt can be removed more easily. 

After cleaning out the kitchen grease, you can focus on organizing the cabinets and giving the fridge a quick clean to optimize space. On the other hand, clear the countertop of utensils and store them in their place.

  • It’s the turn of the rooms

Now it’s time to change the sheets, turn the mattress and wash its protective cover, as well as the pillow cases. Use baking soda to clean the mattress , sprinkling it on the surface and letting it sit while you tidy up the cabinets and do the rest of the cleaning. Then you vacuum it up and put the clean sheets on. 

In order for the room to look organized, you must clear the countertop of the dresser, because there we usually place and pile up things that make it look messy. Similarly, you can also order the closet and leave the clothes of the season so that it does not look cluttered with clothing. 

We can not forget to clean the window panes , vacuum carpets and all corners of the room. 

And if you have children at home, cleaning their room may take a long time, unless you ask them to help dust off toys, tidy up the wardrobe and drawers. Without a doubt, teamwork will be faster and more pleasant. 

  • To clean the bathroom

Finally, you can clean the bathroom in a short time, since you should only focus on the toilet, the sink and the shower, because these are where the most dirt accumulates. For the floor you can use the mop twice, the first with chlorine and the second with an aromatic disinfectant. 

If you have a screen in your bathroom, you can prepare a solution of baking soda and vinegar, apply it to the glass and leave it to act for 15 minutes. Then clean with a damp cloth and dry with newspaper. 

Now, for the cleanliness and order of the house to be lasting, it is necessary to talk with your family about how to plan household chores, since everyone must participate in cleaning their rooms and common rooms as part of the family dynamics. In this way, the house will remain tidy, and with frequent cleanings it will not be necessary to spend hours doing a deep cleaning. 

Cleaning houses for hours: an extra income

By learning how to organize a house to clean, you can see in this task an opportunity to generate income, since house cleaning is a lucrative business that you can start in your circle of friends and family initially.

Also, by having your own tricks to organize your clients’ homes, you can save time on each job and clean several floors in a single day. You can offer your services in the building where you live, perhaps some neighbors will feel more confident to hire a known person than a stranger to clean their house.

And to distinguish yourself from other cleaning services, you can place fresh flowers in the living room or some aromatic candles in the bathroom to give the environment a renewed touch, while at the same time becoming a plus of your work.

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