Ideas for decorating small terraces

Having a small space to rest outdoors is essential. And although it may seem difficult, there are many ideas for small terraces, with which to make the most of the space and enjoy pleasant sensations in this area of ​​your home.

Those who live in cities, in an environment surrounded by buildings, know that any small outdoor space can become a real treasure. And even if you have a terrace designed to store bicycles and other items that do not fit at home, knowing how to decorate small, closed or open terraces will help you get the most out of these spaces. 

To make this task easier for you, we have created a list of 10 elements that you must take into account to get the most out of any terrace, regardless of its size or location.

  1. rectangular furniture

When it comes to tables, chairs and sofas for small terraces, it is best to resort to rectangular furniture . These have a format that saves space when placing them on your terrace, offering you good comfort to rest and move around the room.

The market also offers various sets of table and chairs for small terraces, with an adjusted size and good comfort. Interesting solutions both for these terraces and to decorate a small balcony efficiently and taking advantage of space.

  1. The lighting

As happens in interiors, when it comes to knowing how to decorate a terrace, light is one of the most important elements. Therefore, the greater the amount of light that space has, the better the feeling of spaciousness that it offers us.

Obviously, this aspect is always present during the night, although you can also enjoy it during the day. In this case, it is advisable to decorate the terrace walls with light colored elements, such as paintings, wood panels or any other similar finish. It is also advisable to remove elements that excessively eliminate natural light, completing the project with artificial light, for when night comes.

  1. Pergolas and awnings

To decorate a small open terrace, without a roof, it is advisable to incorporate a cover that protects it from the intense summer sun. For this we have two options. One of them is the use of pergolas, preferably with fine support structures and that do not steal space from the ground. These should always fit properly in the measurements of the terrace. The other option is the awnings, which should extend over the top and leave the maximum operational space in the terrace area.

  1. Mats and meshes

Mats are a very interesting element to give a touch of privacy to the railings of terraces and balconies. In addition, they are available with hurdle-type vegetable fiber designs or in mesh format. A solution to also gain in safety, since these meshes will prevent the little ones from “climbing” up the railings.

  1. The importance of plants

One of the most common questions we usually ask ourselves when setting up a terrace has to do with plants. It is logical that we are not going to be able to display great natural beauty in this area, but if we know what plants to put on a terrace, it will be easy to give it a very pleasant green touch.

Among these options, hanging plants, climbers or vines stand out. These species offer a good green curtain and hardly take up space when decorating a small terrace. In parallel, it is also interesting to add hanging plants from the ceiling or resort to hanging pots, which you can hang from the railing of the terrace or from the wall. As we can see, the idea is to make the most of each available space, although always without overwhelming.

  1. a touch of heat

One of the fashionable elements in modern terraces are heat sources, to use them also on cold days. And although it is true that space is not enough for a traditional wood-burning fireplace, it is possible to use small gel stoves or some other simple fuel, or an electric solution. A small complement that makes it more pleasant to enjoy winter from your terrace.

  1. And a touch of cold

Like bicycles, terraces are mostly for summer. For this reason, modern terraces should not lack an element with which to better carry the heat of this season. The most interesting solution would be the classic ceiling or wall fan, which does not take up much space and offers an interesting flow of air. As an alternative, we can resort to evaporative air conditioners that, in addition to cooling the environment, humidify the environment, thus improving sensations at any time of the day.

  1. dressing the ground

In the small decorated terraces, no detail should be missing. So the soil also deserves our attention. Among the latest trends are rugs, which give a touch of comfort to the environment and allow you to decorate a small terrace to your liking. As an alternative, you can bet on any type of flooring adapted to this area or on some type of synthetic floor, such as artificial grass. It is important that it is safe, with high adherence to use and that it does not slip with moisture.

  1. textile elements

Curtains, blinds, upholstery for chairs and benches. Beautiful terraces require the use of textiles that are appropriate to the decorative style that you want to give that space, and it is convenient to bet on plain colors. Do not forget that these textiles must withstand exposure to the sun and humidity well. Luckily, the market offers ideal options for all the terrace decoration projects you want to carry out.

  1. Storage space

Although we have left it for last, another key element in terrace design is storage space. And it is that these terraces not only serve as a recreation area, but can be useful for storing objects that we do not use frequently.

Again, the options are multiple, with ideas such as sofas with interior storage space, boxes to place under these sofas, cabinets, shelves and many other accessories, depending on the total space available and what you need.

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