Ideas of modern fireplaces that you will love in your house

Despite being an element reminiscent of the most vintage designs, the truth is that current designer fireplaces are ideal for enjoying the warmth in a pleasant environment. Something easy to achieve thanks to the fireplaces offered by different manufacturers today.

Fireplaces have changed a lot from those “sandwiched” spaces in which firewood is placed and burned. That more classic design, which does not always fit into a home today, has been maintained to this day, although with quite a few differences. Among them, we have the fuels that are used today, which generate more pleasant sensations and can be placed anywhere.

This approach to the modern fireplace is also influenced by materials that, beyond traditional refractory stone, today mix metal, glass and other high-level materials, making the wall-mounted fireplace an element that fits into any environment. 

So that you have a clearer idea of ​​what to expect when placing one of these products, we reveal the latest news on the market, as well as some very interesting tips so that you can enjoy both the warmth and the image that these modern products offer.

Types of fireplaces by fuel

One of the first novelties has to do with the fuels used by the chimneys. Compared to firewood, which dominates the more traditional market, today we have alternatives that are as interesting as they are effective. 

We start by talking about modern wood-burning fireplaces (in this link you can find several products to choose from), which maintain this traditional fuel. They are the ones that produce the most heat, but also the most difficult to assemble and the ones that require the most maintenance. Just the opposite happens with gas fireplaces , extremely clean due to their approach, elegant due to their visible flame design and that do not even need a smoke outlet.

Halfway between the two previous models we find the pellet fireplaces. This product has a high level approach and considerable heat generation capacity, depending on the needs of the space. In addition, the maintenance is simple, its consumption is low and the fuel is also economical.

Finally, we talk about built-in fireplaces, such as those powered by bioethanol and electricity. They do not generate smoke or dirt and have a format that makes it easy to build a piece of furniture with a fireplace, which heats but also generates pleasant sensations in the room. In this case, the electric models are more efficient and generate more heat than the bioethanol ones, which have the inconvenience of having to refill the product when you use them. It’s all a matter of choosing what suits you, according to your needs and budget.

Where to install the fireplace

Another interesting detail to give a different image to any room is where to place the fireplace. In general, the classic image of the fireplace built into the wall is the most common, both in the old models and when we talk about modern fireplaces. However, they offer other versions, which make assembly and installation easier.

Among them, we have integral fireplaces , which offer an independent structure from the wall and can be placed almost anywhere. In addition, these exteriors can be adapted, to give an ideal image to those rooms with a fireplace or the corresponding room. 

Among these proposals, there is no shortage of corner fireplaces, which are very interesting to save space in your home. So if you want to set up a small living room with a fireplace, this proposal is also suitable. However, today’s different sizes of firebox will fit just about any specific need you may have.

Ideas for decorating fireplaces in living rooms and dining rooms

When it comes to fitting the fireplace into a decoration project, we have several options. If we have a classic living room with white walls, a good option is to opt for a product finished in black. This will make it stand out more and even give the room a little more depth.

Alternatively, you can opt for the reverse option. In this case, we would talk about large rooms with walls finished in rather dark tones. These modern living rooms with a light-colored fireplace focus more attention on it, giving a greater feeling of seclusion in the room.

As a third option, as far as decorative combinations are concerned, we can bet on a mixture of dark tones both in the area of ​​the walls and in the fireplace itself. A design that gives maximum prominence to the flames that are part of its interior and that completely integrates the body of the fireplace into the wall.

Extending a bit the theme of the installation and its location, when designing modern dining rooms with fireplaces, mounting embedded in two walls is very interesting . An approach that gives a different point of view compared to the mounting of the traditional and overlapping corner fireplace.

If you still need more ideas, we give them to you. One of them is the designs with integrated fireplaces in the middle of the room and with two visible faces. This approach is very useful to create environments in large rooms and in which you want to establish a separation, but without building complete partitions. Something similar happens with individual fireplaces, compact in size, made of metal and placed almost anywhere with great comfort. 

As a last piece of advice, don’t be afraid to experiment when coming up with the design, as long as the project fits the idea you have for your living room, dining room or the corresponding room. Thanks to the wide range of modern fireplaces today and the numerous existing cladding materials, it will be difficult for you not to make the right choice.

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