IFAM WX1000 Reviews

Main advantage:

The IFAM safety bowler stands out for having a triple anti-bumping protection system, thanks to the incorporation of extra springs and pins to avoid the application of the method.

Main disadvantage:

It is advisable to complement the lock and the bowler with a security shield to increase the level of difficulty in case a stranger wants to force entry.

Verdict: 9.6/10

WX1000 is an alternative in bowlers that turns out to be reliable, of good quality and safe to block the entrance of your home at all times.

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Main Features Explained


bowler design

If you want to equip your door with a good quality lock, one of the most important elements is the security cylinder. The factory models can be replaced by others with greater security, so if you want to acquire one for your entry, we advise you to review its design first.

This detail is mentioned because user opinions agree that in order to make better use of the money invested and avoid inconveniences later, it is essential to ensure that the lock is compatible with the type of cylinder.

In this sense, the IFAM model has a long cam with almost no space between the insurance and the structure, to make a struggle more difficult, and it is made up of two 30-millimeter cylinders to form a 60-millimeter-long cylinder.

Taking into account the fact that its cylinders work independently of each other, this cylinder is classified as double clutch, allowing the lock to be opened regardless of whether there is a key on the other side of the door.

protection systems

The best security bowlers are those capable of providing you with the necessary protection systems to prevent a stranger from accessing your property. Thanks to advances in technology and development, today you can purchase security bowlers that have several extra systems, as you will see below.

In the case of the IFAM product, you can enjoy a security bowler that has a double pin and spring system to offer triple protection against the method called bumping to pick locks.

In addition to this, the bridge of the bowler is reinforced to give it the anti-break quality. This has been achieved by incorporating a stainless steel bar into the structure of the cylinder, which is also secured with 4 steel fasteners.

Regarding the use of lockpicks, you will be pleased to know that this model has a total of 16 active pins that would have millions of different combinations, to considerably hinder the opening attempt with this tool.

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials of a security bowler can be one of the factors that influence its sale price, but they are also important because they practically determine its robustness and resistance to knocks or struggles. For this reason, we advise you to review them in detail in order to choose a long-lasting and reliable bowler.

The WX1000 bowler hat is made of brass with the respective gold finish of this material, making it attractive and elegant to look at. Likewise, it has a high resistance thanks to the mechanisms incorporated in its interior to prevent it from being easily violated.

In addition to having brass as the main material, there are also stainless steel parts in this cylinder, which provide a higher level of robustness to the entire piece. This helps improve the security of the lock, but it will also influence the utility of the cylinder by allowing millions of seamless permutations.

set of keys

Last but not least, the keys. Most of the security cylinders for armored doors come with their respective set of keys, although the number of units may vary depending on the model. Also, you should know that each manufacturer may have a patented key design, which would be a plus in terms of security.

On this occasion, the IFAM security bowler is accompanied by a set of 5 alpaca keys that, with your comfort in mind, incorporate an ABS resin head to be more comfortable to handle when opening the lock.

Regarding security to avoid unwanted copies, the set has its respective property card, which will be required by the manufacturer when requesting a copy of the key for the security bowler.

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