Is it efficient to install solar panels for self-consumption of electricity in our homes?

You are probably one of the people who consider the topic of solar panels for self-consumption as something new and you do not have much knowledge about this matter, but there are many others who believe that this renewable way of producing energy is very efficient for both their lives and For the enviroment. 

Spain has a wide range of options regarding the use of renewable energy, such as solar energy, thanks to the elimination of the so-called “sun tax”, which was a legal obstacle to the use of renewable energy alternatives.

In addition, with self-consumption it is possible to obtain almost absolute independence from traditional electricity networks, it is a cheaper alternative, highly sustainable and capable of contributing to the reduction of gases that generate the greenhouse effect. Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to discover the benefits of installing solar panels in our homes, to find out why they are a good option to provide your home with energy. 

We suggest you pay attention to the following lines where we will tell you, among other things, how many solar panels you would need to generate your own electricity in your home and why the increase in the installation of these new energy production options at the domestic level is due.  

Why invest in solar panels for self-consumption?

The first thing we should know is what solar panels are and what their function is. In this sense, it is appropriate to highlight that the panels are responsible for transforming the energy taken from the sun so that we can take advantage of it in our daily lives. 

Most of these panels are made of silicon, although others prefer to use polycrystalline silicon because it is cheaper, compared to monocrystalline, which is the material that has been used for several years in computing. These panels are used by placing them on a surface exposed to sunlight, with the intention of capturing the greatest amount of radiation. They generally have a basic power, but they are highly efficient to cover the energy needs of a home with an average consumption, without depending on other systems or traditional electricity service providers.

However, the installation of solar panels has improved significantly in recent times and this has been due to the reduction in the cost of developing this technology, since currently electricity consumption can be generated almost entirely by photovoltaic panels. 

In addition to this, it is a fairly profitable investment if it is an average installation of 65 kilowatts, since the cost can range between 5,500 and 6,000 euros, with a amortization period of approximately 4 to 5 years. But in addition to this, the operation of this sustainable energy system allows you to obtain a certain return, because you could have an accumulated benefit of around 500 euros per year. And it is that according to the Spanish Photovoltaic Union or UNEF, in Spain there has been an increase of 94% in terms of the power obtained through photovoltaic technology, reaching an approximate production of 261.7 megawatts, for which turned out to be highly efficient.

But do you know how many solar panels are necessary to produce energy in your home?

This question is very correct and we have to answer it taking into account the structural characteristics of the property, as well as the surface on the roof that the house has for the installation of solar panels. This is how an average single-family home probably does not have enough roof to install the solar panels it would need to be self-sufficient. In this sense, different alternatives have been designed that have allowed the generation of electricity so that it can be shared by several users. In this way, it has been calculated that to generate self-consumption in a single-family house, about 6 plates with a capacity of 650 watts of power would have to be installed.

Regarding the shared model, experts have pointed out that it is a very useful alternative to easily install solar panels in a building, due to its structure, and it can even be used to power nearby buildings, which will facilitate its implementation in several cities.

Benefits in the use of solar panels.

Among the main benefits that we can highlight in terms of this solar panel system, we mention saving money in the long term, so it is considered a good idea to encourage you to install this sustainable energy system in your home, even at despite the fact that the initial investment cost is high.

The above is explained, because when you have paid the total cost you could have a self-consumption electrical system for approximately 20 years, depending on whether it is the installation of the best solar panels in 2022, without paying electricity bills during that period. Of course, after that time has elapsed, it is likely that the plates will lose power and you will have to give them some type of maintenance.

Another important benefit of this solar panel system is that the main source of energy is the sun, being totally renewable, so it is available to you on a daily basis and can be used from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is an inexhaustible source and whenever there is sun we will have it for ourselves.

Next, we point out that this type of energy has multiple uses, since it can be transformed into heat or electricity according to your convenience, so it can be used in the production of energy for rural areas or without access to the network, to help in the distilling drinking water in places with limited supplies, it can even serve to power space satellites.

Likewise, it can be used to power recreational vehicle loads, for commercial buildings, ships, for telecommunications equipment, in remote cabins, remote traffic control, oil or gas flow control, among many other uses. 

Another favorable aspect to highlight regarding solar energy is that it is very quiet, since the solar panels do not generate any noise, so you will have a quiet and pleasant home, thanks to the installation of this renewable energy.

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