It is better a blender or a food processor

These two artifacts are often found in the kitchens of many people around the world, however, despite the fact that they have some different characteristics, their similarities are several. Knowing which one is best for a certain preparation will give you the best results.

Despite the fact that cooking is something that each one of us does every day or very frequently, it is very common that we still do not have enough knowledge to know exactly what all the appliances in the kitchen are for. It is possible that you are overexerting yourself just because you do not know that that device that you hardly use can help you with the preparation process, save you time and give you a better result.

Food processors are quite versatile gadgets that come with different functionalities like shredding, beating, grinding and other amazing qualities. Most people know this, however, what they ignore is that the blender can also handle several things, beyond preparing juices or smoothies. These two devices share similarities and also have differences, and in order to get the most out of each of the devices, it is necessary to know everything.

In some cases, blenders are more effective than food processors, while in other situations food processors are much more powerful and efficient. Determining this depends on understanding the capabilities of both products.

How do they look alike?

It is necessary to keep in mind that in order for it to be a fair competition, it is necessary to compare food processors with high-end blenders. Blenders are slow-moving gadgets, and for that reason, the common models have stuck through the years with little change. These types of blenders can never be equaled to a processor, as they are still traditional artifacts.

The similarity between high-end blenders and processors is that some preparations can be made in both devices. For example, the two appliances can make soups, purees, creams, butter, ice cream and can also crush ice.

What is the difference between them?

The structures of the appliances differ from each other. A blender, no matter how powerful it is, will always be more compact than a food processor. Meanwhile, kitchen robots, such as the Thermomix, can handle preparations that the blender, even if it is a premium range, will not be able to do.

The intention behind the manufacture of the blender is to prepare drinks and, on the contrary, the processors have been created, as their name says, to take care of food and desserts. This difference in target is what makes one of these products better than another in certain situations.

Which is the best?

Based on versatility of use alone, it could be said that food processors are better, however, this would discount the blender’s superior performance in several respects.


When it comes to quantity of preparations, food processors take the first place, but if you take into account the quality of these preparations, the blender is champion in some of them.

First of all, it should be noted that the blender is not capable of handling pastry preparations, grated cheeses, and it cannot chop all the vegetables optimally. These processes must be carried out with a kitchen robot. On the other hand, smoothies can only be made with a blender and not with a processor.

If what you want is to crush ice and make a delicious ice cream, then you should know that the blender is the best option for you. Even though you might believe otherwise, blenders are the superior alternative when it comes to making soups and purees.

If you want to make a cream dip or butter, then you should choose the food processor as it has better performance.


When it comes to comfort of use, blenders offer much more comfort and are easier to handle. Its compact size allows for better cleaning and the process of pouring the preparations requires less effort, not only because of the ergonomic shape of the glass, but also because of the optimal grip offered by the handle.

There are some models that are designed so that you can directly drink your drink from the same blender glass. This is ideal for quick preparations and complete smoothies that work as breakfasts, for example.

In addition to this, this comfort is also reflected when storing the device or moving it. Its low weight and its dimensions facilitate these two things.


In the area of ​​functionality, food processors are the absolute winners. There is still no blender that can match all the functions of a processor and, for that reason, this product is more practical for complex preparations.

Reaching high temperatures, grinding nuts and meats, preparing dough, grating, grinding, mixing and many more activities can be done in one of these devices. Each of these qualities stands out for its notorious efficiency in the result and the little time it takes to complete it.

What to buy?

After knowing the good and the bad of each of the options, it only remains to make a decision. Both devices have amazing qualities, however, depending on the person, one of them will be better than the other.

If you decide that you want to save some money and, although you want to prepare soups and purees, you want to dedicate yourself to the preparation of liquids more than anything, then the blender may be your ideal alternative.

On the other hand, if what you need in your life is something to help you with food preparation and complicated processes, then you should look for one of the best food processors of 2022 and include it in your shopping list, although cost a little more money.

If you can’t decide on either, it’s possible to find inexpensive models of both. You might consider getting one of each for a more complete experience. Remember that the investment will be something that will be with you for a long time.

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