Japanese cheese cake recipe

Easy Japanese Cheesecake

Japanese cheesecake recipe Preparation time1 hour 40 minutesCooking time50 min Number of diners: 10


  • Cream cheese: 250 g
  • Sugar: 150 g
  • Milk: 100ml
  • Flour: 70 g
  • Butter: 50g
  • Cornstarch: 50 gr
  • 8 egg yolks 
  • 8 egg whites
  • Pinch of salt
  • Half lemon (juice)
  • Cream of tartar: ¼ teaspoon


Other ingredients: 

  • icing sugar (for decoration only)

Each culture is characterized by the flavors of its gastronomy. Japan, in particular, stands out for its desserts with a mild flavor, little sweetness and exquisite textures. We invite you to try the following cheesecake recipe, which has been around the world conquering palates. It is a very fluffy Japanese sponge cake, made with little flour, but very rich in protein. Without further ado, let’s go for the recipe.

Important aspects

Since the most important process for achieving a tall, fluffy Japanese cheesecake is whipping, we recommend having a good quality mixer on hand. It can be a food processor or a Bosch mixer, to name a few examples.

On the other hand, the mold you will need to cook this recipe should be approximately 20 cm in diameter by 7.5 cm high. If it is removable, the better (you just have to make sure to put aluminum foil underneath to seal it). Also, get some parchment paper and cut it into a long strip about 12 cm high (to add height to the mold).

Prepare the ingredients

Before you begin, check that the eggs, butter, and cream cheese are all at room temperature. We recommend taking them out of the refrigerator an hour before preparing your cheesecake.

Next, weigh the flours, pass them through a sieve and mix them very well. Reserve these ingredients for now.

Make the mixes

In a bowl place the butter and cream cheese, to beat them for an approximate time of 5 minutes. Add the yolks, the lemon juice and, finally, the salt. You should continue beating for a couple more minutes. Next, add the flour little by little. We also reserve this mixture and heat the oven to a temperature of 160 degrees, introducing a tray with water (this Japanese bread is cooked in a bain-marie).

For the Japanese cake to be very fluffy, the secret is to assemble the egg whites in a completely clean bowl. If you don’t have an extra one, you should make sure to wash the one you used previously very well. Put the egg whites in it and beat until foamy. Then add the cream of tartar and sugar while continuing to beat until peaks form.

Now, integrate the two mixtures that you have made, carrying out enveloping, smooth and constant movements. Prepare the mold by placing the parchment paper inside and pour the mixture. Take the mold to the oven, place it inside the tray of water and cook for a time of 50 minutes or until when inserting the skewer it comes out clean.

To prevent your Japanese cheesecake from sagging, at the end of cooking you should only open the oven a little and wait 5 minutes. Then unmold and decorate with the icing sugar. Now just enjoy it!

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