Junkers Hydronext 5600 S WTD 12-3 Ame Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a sealed heater with low NOx emissions that adapts to the new safety regulations, because it is designed with modern technology that minimizes environmental damage and the risk of accidents. In addition, it is a compact model and easy to install.

Main disadvantage:

The noise generated by the equipment is 61 dB, which could be annoying; according to the opinions of some sensitive people. However, this does not affect its efficiency and performance.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is an efficient gas heater that works with propane or butane; it is also safe, economical and its price is compensated given its high quality.

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Main Features Explained

Ecological and safe

Atmospheric open chamber gas water heaters represent a high risk for homes. This is because their burner is in contact with the environment where they are installed. In order to avoid potentially dangerous accidents, as of September 26, 2018, the ERP regulations came into force, which regulates the mandatory use of sealed heaters with low NOx emissions.

In order to comply with this current regulation, Junkers has developed a line with the best gas water heaters, which meet the highest quality standards. This is the Hydronext range and the 5600 S WTD 12-3 Ame model is one of its best models, given its great features.

It is a sealed heater that provides safety, since it carries out its combustion inside a hermetic chamber; so the expelled fumes do not end up in the enclosure, but directly outside the property through a tube. For this reason, the use of ventilation grills will not be necessary and you will be able to mount it in any closed place and without the risk of possible gas leaks.

On the other hand, it is equipped with a burner with “Rich-Lean” ecological technology that reduces NOx emissions. NOx is a combination of two gases, nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and when we talk about a low NOx heater, we refer to a device capable of reducing atmospheric pollution. In this sense, with this model you will be able to obtain domestic hot water with a minimum of damage to the environment.

Functional design and installation

It is a heater that has a minimalist and exclusive Bosch design, which gives it a plus of quality. Its operation is based on the use of propane or butane gas; likewise, it heats the water automatically at the moment you open the tap to use it, so you can have unlimited hot water.

On the other hand, thanks to its compact dimensions of 57.5 cm high x 36.5 cm wide x 17 cm deep, it is a device that takes up little space. It also has a digital display equipped with touch control that gives you intuitive handling, so you can easily view the temperature selected for the water and other important parameters.

Additionally, you will not have problems when installing it; for which the manufacturer includes a complete smoke evacuation kit. Also, to improve the mounting experience, this gas model accepts the same hydraulic connection that you used with your old Junkers equipment. For this reason, it has triangular connections (Nexum Junkers Triangle) that allow you to quickly and easily replace your old heater.

efficient and saving

When choosing a gas heater, it is essential that savings and efficiency are part of its main qualities. For this reason, Junkers combines these features in this model in order not to spend more resources than necessary. To do this, it has a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water, so you can select the heat degree by degree until you achieve a suitable temperature for your needs.

In this way, the heater works efficiently and allows you to save money every time you open the tap, while providing you with optimal comfort when showering. In addition, its capacity and efficiency offer you up to 15 liters of hot water in one minute. On the other hand, it is a model that is certified with energy classification A, thanks to which it favors savings on your electricity bill.

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