Keep your home impeccable with these 5 recommendations

Having a clean, healthy and organized home should not become a task that consumes too much time and effort if it is carried out properly. In addition to organizing tasks, there are cleaning tools that could help you not worry a bit about dirt at home, such as a robot vacuum cleaner.

organization at home

Sometimes it can be difficult for a family to maintain order at home if both parents work all day and the children attend classes, for example, so it is advisable to determine a schedule in which everyone can help and contribute their grain of sand in the space they cohabit.

Having identified the tasks that must be carried out, as well as the time they require and the availability of each one, is essential to be able to develop a successful plan. However, if you don’t really have the free time to clean and organize your house as it should be, you can always turn to tools that work automatically.

This leads us to mention the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2022 or also robot window cleaners as an alternative solution that, in addition to helping you get rid of dirt on your floors or windows, could also dry spilled water or vacuum up pet hair from your carpet depending on its type.

Fortunately, the options in robot vacuum cleaners are wide, varied and with different price ranges, so it is relatively easy to find a model that can meet your needs, as well as have the necessary capacity to leave your floors clean.

However, before thinking of leaving the entire cleaning task to the robot vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to first separate the other influential factors in the organization in order to direct them to support the ease provided by the appliance.

In addition, a recommendation that many people follow to avoid clutter is to clean a little during the week and not let the tasks accumulate, which is also beneficial for the robot vacuum cleaner.

steps to follow

Now you will be able to know some recommendations with which it will be easier for you to organize cleaning tasks in your home in order to enjoy greater comfort, harmony and free time:

1. Evaluate types of cleaning

Some tasks at home require more time and effort than others, for example, it will not take as long to wash the dishes as it does to clean the garage or change a burned-out light bulb as it does to wash the car. Some should be done daily and others can be weekly or monthly depending on lifestyle.

By identifying which things take a couple of minutes to do and others that will require hours, and even extra help, it will help you to determine which member of the family will be in charge of it.

In the case of robot vacuum cleaners, their capacity can be limited if the disorganization is very great, since they need free space to move without inconvenience.

2. Assignment of tasks

Another piece of advice that many mothers and fathers follow is to assign tasks to all the people who cohabit in the home. This, in addition to teaching children to be organized, clean and responsible, will also help you to take a break and have free time for yourself.

Robot vacuum cleaners can also play a role here, as you can program them to start cleaning at a certain time. It can be when you are not home or in the evenings to allow you to do your work without interruptions. Additionally, some models can be monitored directly from your phone, allowing you to “clean house” remotely.

3. Create a schedule or calendar

In order to develop an adequate schedule or calendar, you should first have a family meeting attended by all those involved and thus know what hours of the day or when in the week you have free time to dedicate to organizing and cleaning the home.

As mentioned, it’s better to get small tasks done during the day than to let all the cleaning pile up until the weekend. So if you have kids, you can ask them to pick up their toys after they’re done or take the dirty laundry out of their room once a week. These types of details can be very significant when it comes to maintaining order, since it allows parents to better organize themselves in terms of time.

4. Delegation of tasks

Although it may seem complicated if you have small children at home, delegating chores is another of the most efficient ways to make better use of time and have a cleaner home.

For example, if your children are not yet able to operate a robot vacuum cleaner or clean the car, you can teach them small tasks; such as picking up the garbage, washing your plate and glass, among other things. They may not seem like much, but at the end of the day you will notice the difference.

The same goes for a robot vacuum, as you can delegate the task of sweeping the floor or picking up breakfast crumbs to this handy device and not have to worry about cleaning up after a tiring day at work.

5. Cleaning helpers

Something that cannot be overlooked to save time and effort when organizing the house is the help that technology itself provides. Today you have access to virtual assistants capable of scheduling an appointment, reserving a table at a restaurant, or buying movie tickets without you having to do much more than say the necessary commands out loud.

As for cleaning, if you want to have a practically self-sufficient device, robot vacuum cleaners are a good alternative to buy. These teams can become the best cleaning helpers because they can be programmed, either to turn on at a certain time or to sweep a particular room.

On the other hand, it should be noted that many already have intelligent navigation systems, with which they can travel throughout the property without colliding with obstacles, as well as return to their charging base if they run out of battery.

Notably, robot vacuum cleaners can be very helpful in cleaning and organizing the home, but it also requires the commitment of each member of the family to enjoy a healthy, harmonious and safe environment in which to simply be.

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