Know the 5 types of chaise longue sofas before buying

Interior furniture is of interest to those who want to furnish their house or apartment with good taste, and the number of options available to satisfy the needs of each one is a success. On this occasion, the chaise longue sofas that enjoy a certain popularity are the protagonists to evaluate.

Chaise longue sofas and their benefits

Chaise longue sofas have gradually become one of the most practical alternatives in home furniture according to the taste of some. These types of models have the main advantage of offering storage space depending on their type, as well as comfort available by having drop-down elements.

However, one of the most important characteristics and one that turns out to be decisive in qualifying a chaise longue sofa is the presence of its corner piece, which lacks a backrest, serving as a kind of divan on which you can lie comfortably. This makes the sofa more attractive to those seeking personal comfort.

On the other hand, it should also be mentioned that, compared to other types of sofas, these are usually much more compact thanks to the fact that their seats remain united to form a single piece. This detail makes them also a striking option for small spaces such as apartments in the city, for example.

In addition to this, as with other types of sofas, chaise longues can be purchased in a wide variety of designs that vary in size, aesthetics, capacity or available adjustments. This gives you the freedom to choose a model that can suit your specific needs, be it in terms of comfort or storage space.

However, before making the decision about which chaise longue sofa to buy, it is highly recommended to also evaluate its type, which can vary in aspects such as seating, design and storage space.

Types of chaise longue sofas

Next, you will be able to learn to categorize chaise longue sofas based on their type, since, thanks to their freedom of structural design, this type of furniture can be purchased with different features that are designed to meet specific needs:

1. Chaise longue sofa with sliding seats

Chaise longue sofas that are equipped with sliding seats are those in which the lower cushions can have integrated wheels, motors or simple straps that allow their length to be extended, so that there is more space to raise the legs.

A detail that you could consider regarding this type of sofa is that its seats are usually XXL size, so they are larger than other models, however, the space available is also greater, so everything will depend on the space available at home..

2. Chaise longue sofa with memory foam seats

The models that stand out for offering viscoelastic seats will be the winners in terms of comfort by adapting to the contour, since this material is used as padding in the chaise longue sofa cushions. It has cushioning qualities, as well as memory to offer support in specific points of the body, thus relieving discomfort and pressure.

Combined with this type of padding, it is also important to ensure that the sofa has a suitable fabric for comfortable lying on. They can be those made of polyester, leatherette, suede or any other material of your choice to fully enjoy the level of comfort offered by viscoelastic.

3. Chaise longue sofa with relax seats

In the case of sofas that are equipped with relax-type seats, you should know that they work only by motor and have a structure designed to raise the lower part of the cushion without the need for a support, maintaining a much cleaner and more comfortable structure for some..

In addition to this, the ability to change the fit or shape of the sofa with the push of a button is a selling point for many buyers interested in modern, ergonomic furniture.

4. Chaise longue sofa with corner

The so-called “with a corner” are those that have been complemented with another set of sofas that includes an angled section that can be combined with the chaise longue. These models are recommended if you need a large number of available seats.

However, as you can imagine, the space they occupy compared to a standard chaise longue is considerable, so before purchasing it, we recommend you take into account its dimensions, as well as the space available in your living room.

5. Chaise longue sofa with chests

If you are rather short on space at home and could use some extra storage in your furniture, chaise longue sofas with chests could be the alternative for you.

Without sacrificing space, these chaise longue models have managed to incorporate a structure that allows the integration of chests, which can be located on the sides or under the seats depending on the model. In these compartments you can store any object you want, as well as spare covers or cushions to rest on your sofa.

Which chaise longue sofa to choose?

Although it may seem complicated to choose only one of these advantages, when you consider the chaise longue sofas on the market you will notice that there are many alternatives that combine several of these aspects, to offer a practical, comfortable, ergonomic and compact piece of furniture to equip your home.

However, if your problem is not space, you may be interested in considering those that can modify their seats to become beds or that also allow the exchange of their pieces, with which you can give different shapes to the furniture according to your needs. This type is usually useful for receiving visitors at home or to vary the decoration from time to time.

After all, in order to properly choose a chaise longue sofa for your apartment or house, it is first important to consider how much space is available in the room, where you are going to place it and what design you want it to have based on its type.

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