Mandolin or potato cutter Choose the indicated in each preparation

Cutting the different tubers and vegetables is a task that we should not take lightly, since with the help of the indicated utensils, we will be able to create shapes and textures that will give our preparations a better presentation. For this reason, it is important to know how to differentiate between cutting tools and learn which one is best for each food.

The kitchen items market has a wide variety of cutting utensils, designed to facilitate the preparation of different recipes. But, unsurprisingly, not all of these tools are suitable for the same foods. In this sense, prior documentation is necessary about the main equipment for cutting vegetables, tubers and even fruit, such as the mandolin and the potato cutter.

These are two very popular instruments, which, like the knife, are found in most kitchens. Both the mandolin and the potato slicer offer intuitive and safe operation, as well as compact and easy-to-clean structures. However, they have distinctive characteristics that should be evaluated in detail before purchasing any of these products, since we could select the wrong utensil and this would cause us inconveniences, depending on the type of food that we are going to prepare.

Kitchen mandolin versus potato slicer

Although there are various utensils that promise to improve our experience peeling and cutting food, it is also true that two of them have become very popular among buyers, due to the fact that they are multifunctional products. We are referring to the mandolin and potato slicer, which will definitely help you save time when preparing aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, potatoes or any other vegetable. In addition, they are generally safe and easy to handle devices.

kitchen mandoline

Mandolines are blade systems of different thicknesses and sizes. The models vary mainly due to the format and design of the structure, which can be a surface with fixed stainless steel blades, an ergonomic grip area and non-slip bases that maintain stability and allow a correct separation between the work area and the utensil. so that you can place a plate under it on which the food cuts are deposited. 

On the other hand, there are the mandolines with interchangeable blades, also known as multifunction. These teams can have a similar shape to the one mentioned above, with the difference that it incorporates a set of blades with which you can vary the cuts, not only in potatoes, but also in any vegetable, fruit or cheese. 

Likewise, this type of mandolin has a food collector, which makes the cutting process much easier and more hygienic, since you will have to remove the lid in which the blade system is located and add to the properly sliced ​​food to continue with the process. preparation.

potato cutter

Potato cutters are kitchen tools with various models, adaptable to the preparation of different recipes for baked, stewed, steamed, boiled, fried potatoes, among many others. The structure of this equipment usually combines stainless steel, food-grade polymer and even ceramic, as well as non-slip rubber on the bases, to prevent unexpected movement. Everything will depend on the design and the manufacturer. 

In the same way, you can find spiral potato cutters, grid cutters, for corrugated potatoes, domestic potato peelers, industrial and professional equipment, which can be manual or electric and with various sizes. 

In this sense, you will have a wide range of options to choose the one that best suits your needs, both in terms of use and space when storing it. It is important to mention that some of the potato slicers also incorporate interchangeable blades, just like the mandolins.

The good and the bad of kitchen mandolins


By putting a kitchen mandoline into use we have several advantages, such as saving time, by not having to make all the cuts with the conventional knife, being even much safer, because these equipment incorporate food silicone hand protectors.

On the other hand, we have the theme of variety of cuts thanks to the incorporation of interchangeable blades, being able to enjoy cutting styles such as longitudinal, sliced, wavy, straw, cubes, julienne, among others. In addition, you will obtain uniform cuts in the food and you will have the option to select the blade, according to the hardness of the tuber, vegetable or fruit.


Like every mandolin has great advantages, it is also common to find some unflattering aspects, such as the loss of the sharpness of the blades. These gradually wear out and spare parts, in most cases, are not available, so it would be a piece of equipment that would be disposable in the long run.

Also, if the storage space you have in your kitchen for utensils is limited, then you might have problems purchasing a mandolin. Let us remember that some models incorporate a food collector that makes it much more voluminous.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a potato slicer


Potato cutters have a specific function: the cutting of this type of tubers, so the stainless steel blades are much stronger and sharper than those of other functional equipment intended for cutting vegetables.

Potato cutter models are usually varied, both in the number of built-in blades and in their format, you can even find equipment the size of a fork. In this sense, you will have the freedom to select the model that best suits your needs. In addition, the blades can be sharpened, which extends their useful life and means optimal results in each cut.


It does not matter that we buy the best potato cutter, it is possible that it has a couple of disadvantages, which ultimately does not mean that it is a product that does not suit us. They are simply aspects that we must take into consideration. For example, there is the limitation in the cuts, because some of the models have fixed blades. 

There is also the issue of cleaning, which in some cases can be a bit tedious, because food residues lodge in some areas of the blades and it is necessary to use a small brush to complete the cleaning process.

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