Meet the new Xiaomi: a radio alarm clock with voice recognition

Alarm clocks have been displaced by our mobile phones, since they fulfill the objective of waking us up every morning. However, Xiaomi intends to win the contest and reposition radio alarm clocks as an indispensable device on your nightstand. Thus, it presents Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock, a smart watch that will surprise you.

The renowned Asian brand Xiaomi does not stop making itself known in the market, presenting an attractive catalog of products that go beyond mobile telephony. In this sense, you can find Mi Band lines, security cameras, augmented reality headsets, gamer chairs, vacuum cleaners and much more. On this occasion, it presents the new Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock, a radio alarm clock for the nightstand or any other surface you want to place it on.

But what is special about this model? The equipment combines an elegant design and intelligent operation with easy programming, being considered by many users, due to this, as the best value for money radio alarm clock and one of the cheapest.

With this device you will have the possibility to configure up to 30 different alarms using only your voice. You can also postpone or delete them whenever you want. This is possible thanks to the fact that the new Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock radio alarm clock is practically an intelligent speaker, manufactured with advanced technology such as the artificial intelligence to which the Xiaomi brand has accustomed us. Thus, the device will perform an efficient voice recognition.

About Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock


The device is made of robust polymer with a soft touch, it has a rectangular body in white, except for the trim that surrounds the screen, which is completely black. Its minimalist and elegant design will adapt to any space in your room or office, giving it a distinctive touch that, in short, will not interfere with the existing decoration. At the top, there is a button to activate the alarm and deactivate the microphone, as well as an LED indicator. On the back we have the speaker grill, the micro USB input and the hole to reset the alarm clock. In addition, the digits reflected on the screen are large and easy to read, appearing in white.


The body of this radio alarm clock has a format of 12.6 x 2.7 x 6 centimeters respectively and an approximate weight of 170 grams. It is a fairly compact and light equipment, which we can easily manipulate. In fact, thanks to these specifications, the device is perfect to be used on the nightstand or any other space in the home without causing discomfort.


The clock radio is powered by a Cortex A35 quad-core processor at a frequency of 1.3 GHz, which will manage its functions perfectly. It connects directly to mobile devices, thanks to the technology of its 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module and via Bluetooth 4.0 LE wireless. In this way, you can check the updates compatible with the Android 4.2 or higher operating system.

The good and the bad of Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock from Xiaomi

Xiaomi does not stop when it comes to expanding its product catalog. And it is that apparently they are capable of manufacturing almost any device that comes to mind. An example of this is this innovative smart radio alarm clock. If you want to determine if it’s really worth buying, here’s a little about the good and bad of Xiaomi’s Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock.

The good

We are faced with a fairly complete radio alarm clock, with an affordable cost and the ability to provide us with more than 30 sounds to perform its functions. Likewise, it will allow us to record a maximum of 80 voice notes or reminders, thus helping us not to forget the events scheduled for the day.

On the other hand, the equipment offers us an average of 2000 radio frequencies that will allow you to tune in to local or international stations to enjoy a varied program. Of course, for this you must be connected to a wireless network. As if that were not enough, the device will also be able to indicate the outside temperature and the degree of humidity.

The bad

At the moment, the weak point of this radio alarm clock is that to take full advantage of its functions, we must master the Chinese – Mandarin language, since its speaker does not have an international version, because the Xiaomi assistant does not yet have a translator.

Regarding the issue of language, there is also a limitation with respect to the instruction manual, which has been printed only in the language of the country of origin, being a big problem for all users who do not master that language.

Finally, you will have to take certain precautions for the use of the charger, since the plug may require an adapter and this has not been incorporated. In any case, everything will depend on the type of power source you have at home.

Xiaomi: Build a path in the internet of things

Xiaomi is considered one of the most significant telephone manufacturers in the world, focused in recent years on the Internet of things, that is, connecting all its devices to the Internet or to other devices through wireless networks. In this way, you will be able to execute new and varied functions on the same device, as well as control said devices remotely. We can already enjoy this technology in vacuum cleaners, headphones, computers, helmets and many other products developed by the brand.

More recently, we have the Xiao AI Smart Alarm Clock radio, which is nothing more than an integrated computer device for daily use, which with the help of a Wi-Fi connection will offer us intelligent functions.

Thus, waking up can be a much more optimized experience with these high-value technological properties that can be enjoyed at an affordable cost and although the model is not yet offered on a large global scale, it will soon cross borders.

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