Meross MSS310 Reviews

Main advantage:

This plug maintains all the functions of traditional products but with a somewhat smaller and more compact design, so you do not have problems when connecting or placing it.

Main disadvantage:

The consumption and plug management app is somewhat basic, so hourly data cannot be accessed, nor is there the possibility of exporting this data if necessary.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A different option than the usual one, which is among the best smart plugs on the market both for its size and its simplicity.

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Main Features Explained

Main Plug Design

The first thing that strikes you about these plugs is their design. We are used to conventional smart plugs being large pieces of junk and difficult to plug into the wall, especially if there is furniture that covers the plugs. So if you are looking for a somewhat more compact model, then this plug is what you need.

We are talking about a device with measures of 67 millimeters in square format, while the depth of the device is 59 millimeters. So once we have the product plugged in, it is more discreet than other similar ones, taking up a little less space.

In this design, none of the conventional elements are missing, with a schuko type socket in which to plug plugs of all sizes in a simple way. There is also space for the manual on/off switch, so you can manage the product manually and without resorting to the app. By the way, the lot has three plugs, so its price is more adjusted than that of other similar products.

plug functions

Among the functions of the plug, we do not have anything that we do not find in most of the smart plugs on the market, so we will not lack anything. Among these functions, we have the ability to program each plug separately with respect to the time we want it to turn on or off. A programming that we can establish for a specific moment or with weekly and daily patterns, which generates very good opinions about it.

These plugs also have a consumption metering function. This feature allows the plug to control the flow of energy that passes through it, generating reports that can be viewed directly in the app included with the plugs. An interesting function with which you can save energy and further optimize the connection process of any device you plug into it.

To finish off this consumption monitor mode, you have the information that the manufacturer’s app makes available to you. In this app the daily consumption data is collected, being able to also consult the instantaneous consumption. Very useful tools to control the consumption of the most energy-hungry devices that tend to overheat your electricity bill.

Connectivity and device installation

Everything we have discussed so far about the plug would not be possible were it not for the connectivity and intelligent nature of the device. This is based on the WiFi connectivity of the equipment, so it is much easier for the plug to integrate into your network and allow you to control the entire process directly from your mobile.

Previously you will have to connect the plug to your home network, for which you will have to plug the device into any plug in your home, activate the recognition mode and join it to the network from the app that the manufacturer makes available for both mobile phones Android like Apple. This process is fairly easy to plan and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to complete. In addition, once you have the plug connected to the network, it saves the configuration, even if you change the plug in your home.

The only precaution you should take throughout this process is to have adequate WiFi coverage in the area where you are going to place the plug. A connection that must be 2.4 Ghz, as it does not work in WiFi Plus connections. It is also advisable to avoid using the product combined with power strips, so that it does not affect its functions. As a last aspect, it is worth knowing that the product supports an electrical load of up to 3,680 watts, being suitable for connecting the devices that require the most energy.

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