Main advantage:

This Moulinex brand product has a powerful motor along with interchangeable accessories, designed so that you can use the machine for various applications, be it beating, mixing, cutting or slicing.

Main disadvantage:

Having a bulky size when compared to other stand mixers, this model could be a little more inconvenient to place on your kitchen counter.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Moulinex offers you an option in mixers with which you can easily make all kinds of recipes, thanks to the combination of its accessories along with its functions and design.

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Main Features Explained


power and speed

The power of the mixers is one of the determining characteristics for the quality of their performance, since it gives you an idea about the power of the equipment to mix a certain quantity or variety of ingredients. At the same time, it also allows you to know the rotation speed of the blades, which is essential for some recipes in particular.

The equipment that Moulinex offers you within this category, the MasterChef Gourmet, stands out for working with a maximum power of 900W thanks to its internal motor. It also offers a mechanism for adjusting the speed of the blades at six different levels, as well as the Pulse function for small rotation impulses.

In addition to this, the mixer incorporates a 360º mixing system to ensure that all the ingredients are combined and obtain a homogeneous result for your recipes, preventing the remains of flour and egg from sticking to the bowl, for example.

Manufacturing materials

The opinions of some buyers agree that one of the aspects that can influence the sale price of a mixer is its manufacturing materials. Since this appliance is designed to work with humid elements, it is important that it is made with materials that are resistant to this. Otherwise, your machine could have a fairly limited lifespan.

But don’t worry about that, since the Moulinex MasterChef Gourmet model could be the best mixer thanks to its good manufacturing finishes and materials used in it.

It is basically made of stainless steel, which will not show wear due to humidity and will be very easy to clean. In addition, it has a red finish that gives it a striking touch to be the center of attention in your kitchen if you wish. As for its accessories, these are also made of the same material, so you can use your stand mixer with complete confidence.

mixer design

Considering the design of the stand mixer you want to purchase could be a good way to get exactly the product you want. To evaluate the design, we recommend that you review details about its size, weight and general structure, since this way you will be able to know how ergonomic it will be to use.

As already mentioned, the Moulinex brand model is in a striking red color with stainless steel details, such as the release button for the neck of the mixer or the rotary button to select the speed of rotation of the blades.

Regarding its size, this equipment measures 42.4 x 25.7 x 32.4 cm centimeters and its weight is approximately 9 kilograms. Although it is not the most compact mixer, it has a relatively light weight compared to others so that you can move it without too much effort.

Accessories included

The accessories compatible with a stand mixer are elements of high importance to be able to get the most out of the machine, since these can have distinctive shapes with which different finishes are obtained in the mixtures.

For example, in the case of the MasterChef Gourmet mixer, one of the most useful and essential accessories is its bowl. The one included has a capacity of 4.6 liters and has its respective safety cover to prevent splashes. In addition, this lid offers an opening to integrate other elements into your mixture while it is being prepared.

With your purchase you will also get an accessory to use the mixer as a 1.5 liter capacity blender along with two types of graters and a slicer.

The combination of these elements, added to the presence of a recipe book for the equipment, gives you the possibility of using your product for much more than mixing or beating, being a striking alternative due to its practicality.

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