Nespresso Essenza Mini Krups XN1108 reviews

Main advantage:

This is one of the most compact Nespresso machines of the brand and offers optimal performance to deliver high-quality hot drinks. For greater versatility, it has 2 programmable sizes, allowing you to prepare a coffee adapted to your tastes.

Main disadvantage:

The capacity of the tank is only 0.6 liters, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other models that offer 1 litre; however, this does not affect its functionality.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This model has an affordable price, so it is not necessary to invest too much money in the purchase. In addition, it provides an energy saving system that reduces electricity consumption.

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Main Features Explained


Among the coffee options are the Espresso and Lungo, which can offer a short or long coffee respectively, in this way, you can adapt the amount of coffee to your tastes. Likewise, it allows you to create different types of drinks with a layer of milk or foam, such as macchiato, latte and cappuccino.

If you want to use the machine immediately after receiving the package, then you should know that this model includes a welcome gift set, with a fairly complete selection of the most popular Nespresso capsules, each with a different aromatic profile.

Among the benefits of this product, it should be mentioned that it is possible to select from a wide range with 24 Nespresso blends called Grands Crus, so you can enjoy the smoothness or intensity of the coffee that you like the most. In this sense, it gives you the possibility of creating a large number of recipes and combinations of coffee with milk. As if that were not enough, it is a simple and intuitive machine, indicated to prepare your favorite drink in a few minutes, in a fast and practical way.

Power and energy saving

It has a high pressure pump with 19 bars, so you can get a quality coffee with the result of a barista. In the same way, this favors an optimal extraction of the delicate aromas of each capsule, at the same time, the power helps to create a dense foam to generate an almost professional coffee.

In this sense, it is good to know that the Nespresso Essenza Mini Krups coffee machine is capable of providing a cup of foamy coffee in a few minutes, thanks to the rapid heating system, which reaches the most appropriate temperature in just 25 seconds. After this time, the machine will be ready to make very hot coffee from the first cup.

As for energy efficiency, it includes an eco mode to help save electricity and thus reduce consumption after 3 minutes of inactivity, in this way, it stays hot for a short period of time to allow you to make coffee, but without consuming too much energy, this is why it is considered the best Nespresso coffee machine today, according to the opinions of many users.

For greater energy savings and safety, it has an automatic function that is responsible for turning off the machine completely after 9 minutes without using it, so you don’t have to worry if you left the coffee maker on when you left home.


The Nespresso Essenza Mini machine offers an innovative design with curved lines and rounded edges, which favor a compact size and allow you to place it in any space. To transport it comfortably, it weighs only 2.3 kg, in the same way, it has measures of 33 x 8.4 x 20.4 cm, so it does not take up much space in the kitchen or wherever you decide to install it.

Regarding the external appearance, it should be noted that both the shape and the colors of the casing have been chosen with an elegant device in mind, one that can adapt to current trends and combine with any type of decoration. In this sense, it is available in 3 colours, black, gray and white, so that you can choose the finish that best suits your style.

We also mentioned that it has a removable water tank with a 0.6 liter capacity, which you can fill without much effort for greater practicality and yields approximately 5 large or 15 small cups, depending on the type of coffee.

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