Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC Reviews

Main advantage:

The Wi-Fi connection and its intelligent programs are its main qualities, since it is a model equipped with the latest technology that allows you to control your home’s air conditioning system in an easy and reliable way.

Main disadvantage:

It is not exactly the smart thermostat with the lowest price on the market. However, its operation and high quality are worth the investment, since you will have a modern and highly useful product.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling thermostats on the web and also has an excellent reputation, according to the opinions and ratings of many satisfied users.

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Main Features Explained

Wireless and Wifi connection

Today Smartphones have become practically essential accessories. In them we can have a wide variety of functions, utilities and applications that make our lives easier; so the demand to control other devices from the mobile has also reached the air conditioning sector. For this reason, there are currently the best thermostats on the market equipped with Wi-Fi technology.

In this sense, Netatmo NTH01-ES-EC is a wireless device equipped with this wireless connection, so you can control it via Wi-Fi from a tablet, computer or from your smartphone. This is possible thanks to the compatibility it offers with platforms such as Alexa, Apple Homekit and the Google assistant.

Because it is an intelligent device, you can comfortably adjust the temperature of your home remotely and it even allows you to use voice commands, using your Smartphone. For this, you will be able to obtain maximum comfort in the air conditioning of your home and control its ignition before arriving home.

On the other hand, you have the option to consult your history and also the balance of energy savings, in order to improve your energy consumption. Likewise, it will be easy for you to access important data regarding the climatic environment of your home, such as interior temperature history, boiler phases or the heating program.

Smart technology

This smart thermostat model has advanced technology that favors energy savings without neglecting comfort. To do this, by simply answering five questions related to your daily habits, the device is capable of designing a suitable heating program to meet your needs, according to your pace of life.

It is a device that can regulate the heat in your home with the most suitable temperature and at the time you need it most; That’s why smart heating can turn down while you’re at work and turn up right before you get back. You can see the results of these savings when you pay your energy bill.

Additionally, it also offers you the “Antifreeze” mode and the “Away” mode, automatic functions that you can program especially when you are on vacation or away from home for several days. It also has the Auto-Adapt function that automatically sets the desired temperature, according to the thermal characteristics of the home and the weather conditions of the climate.

On the other hand, if you want to optimize the temperature in each room of your home, you have the possibility of complementing the efficiency of this thermostat with the additional acquisition of intelligent valves, which are capable of regulating the heat of the radiators.

Design and installation

Today’s thermostats are devices that have a modern design, with a large screen and large digits, such is the case of this model, which also claims to have been designed by Philippe Starck, a renowned French designer who specializes in in the industrial field. It is a thermostat created with great subtlety, where the aesthetic is combined with the functional so that it integrates discreetly into the environment and harmonizes with the existing decoration.

In addition to all this accumulation of features, this high-quality device presented by Netatmo also offers compatibility with more than 1,500 boiler models, whether it is a heat pump, wood, gas, electric or gas boilers. fuel. For its installation you do not need to have technical experience and in less than 60 minutes you will be able to carry out its assembly and for this, you have guides and videos that offer you clear and precise explanations.

In addition, the thermostat comes with a set of accessories that enhance the installation experience; such as a relay, a mobile bracket, a wall bracket, a mounting plate, a boiler adapter, a mains adapter, four colored stickers, three AAA batteries, four screws and four plastic plugs.

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