Office or gaming chairs: which one should I buy?

When starting the search for a chair for your office, you will need to think about factors such as ergonomics and the aesthetics that it projects. Remember that the market has a wide range of possibilities regarding this product, so you can find models with basic adjustment characteristics, as well as other more sophisticated designs and even some ecological ones.

Among the purchase catalogs, gaming chairs are also present, which have a structure quite similar to office chairs, but also have some distinctive features. In any case, the decision will depend on the needs of use and taste of each person.

Undoubtedly, both the office chair and the gaming chair have been equipped with quite attractive attributes, which will benefit your posture when sitting down. So don’t worry if, after reviewing the catalogs offered by the different brands, you start to doubt which design to take with you.

Simply take the time you need to examine each product, poll other users’ opinions, and make a small comparison based on your own criteria. It may seem like a complicated task, but remember that this type of chair has a significant cost and you do not want to make a bad investment.

Office chairs vs gaming chairs

Are you one of those people who do not notice any apparent differences between an office chair and a gaming chair? It is true that both structures have a fairly similar aesthetic, but that does not mean that they offer the same benefits.

Both chairs are used to support our body, since it is the universal function of this type of equipment. However, you will need to know that not all people have the same needs when sitting down. Of course, anatomically speaking. Next, we tell you a little about each of the chairs:

Office chairs

It is important that you keep in mind that office chairs are more than just furniture. This type of product is a work tool that we must know how to select, since we will spend an average of approximately eight hours sitting on it. In this sense, it is advisable to put aside the issue of aesthetics and give priority to comfort.

Let us remember that a rigid chair or one with a format that does not adapt to our anatomy could generate great affections in our body. Such is the case of the appearance of muscular pain at the level of the neck, shoulders or arms, as well as a misalignment of the spine, inflammation in the lumbar region, legs and feet. For all these reasons, it is essential to get a model that offers us a complete level of ergonomics (you can find some models by clicking on this link).

gaming chairs

Gaming chairs since their appearance on the market have been characterized by having a much more striking aesthetic than other models, thus offering a robust, padded structure capable of providing the highest standards of comfort to users.

The purpose of this type of product is to make the gamer feel as if he were in his own bed, since this will allow him to create a comfort zone. In this way, he will be able to sit for much longer without feeling the slightest discomfort, while having a higher performance in each level or game that he is carrying out.

Advantages and disadvantages of both chairs

We cannot say that the office chair is better than the gaming chair or vice versa, since finally both offer a series of different benefits. In the same way, we will tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of both models. So you will be the one to judge which is the most appropriate.


We will start by explaining the main advantages of gaming chairs. Regarding this type of models, we have to say that they have a completely striking design, designed in this way with the purpose of quickly drawing the attention of gamers.

In addition, another of its attributes is that it has a fairly spacious format, which allows it to cover all parts of the body so that you can support them with total comfort while you are in front of the video game console or computer. In fact, a peculiarity of these chairs is that they always incorporate a practical headrest, so that when you recline, comfort is increased. Finally, we must mention that its cost is quite accessible.

For their part, office chairs have achieved a significant evolution over time, currently providing us with a stylized, resistant and light body, when handling it from one place to another. Its structure is much more elaborate with respect to the mechanisms for reclining and tilting the backrest, as well as basic adjustment options, such as adjusting the height of the armrests and the height of the saddle.

In addition, the design of these chairs is completely anatomical, since the backrest simulates the natural curvature that human beings have in the spine. All these characteristics allow us to enjoy a correct posture, avoiding the accumulation of tension in the lumbar area, shoulders and neck. In this sense, we could say that the greatest advantage of office chairs is their high level of ergonomics.


It is very common to get some unfavorable aspects in the products, because not everything can be positive. In the case of gaming chairs, the main disadvantage is ergonomics. As we well know, these models have been developed to offer 100% comfort when sitting in them, since gamers spend less time sitting than office workers. So the requirements of your body are less demanding. But this does not mean that the chair is bad, it is simply not the most suitable option for someone who will be at a desk an average of 40 hours a week.

Now, the disadvantage most commented by users about office chairs is their cost, which could be up to 60%, above the amount you must invest to acquire a gaming chair.

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