Olimpia Splendid UNICO AIR 8 HP Reviews

Main advantage: 

The fact that it does not use an outdoor unit saves installation time, minimizes the effort when moving the product and, in addition, also prevents the facade decoration from changing due to its presence.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite its innovative design and various functions, the cost of this air conditioner represents a disadvantage when compared to other lower-priced models on the market.

Verdict: 9.8/10

To obtain a unique and modern design while enjoying good ventilation, it is only necessary to purchase this new air conditioner. Multi-functional, practical structure and easy to use.

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Main Features Explained


A feature that cannot be missing among the best air conditioners on the market is the versatility of offering various types of benefits without the need to buy another device. In the case of this model, fortunately, it is possible to use various functions to maximize the performance of the air conditioner and also your well-being, no matter in which room you use it. This, in the long run, will allow you to save money, since you will not need to buy other products.

Dehumidifiers are currently highly sought after devices to prevent the accumulation of moisture in the home, however, if you have this air conditioner you will not need to purchase these products, since this model comes with an integrated function to dehumidify the environment, giving you purer and fresher air. Regarding the performance of the product, it is also possible to use the automatic shutdown function so that the air conditioning remains on only for as long as you want and need. With just a few button presses, you can turn on the timer to tell you the exact time and determine when the appliance will proceed to turn off and stop working.

In addition to these additional functions, the air conditioner is also equipped to fulfill the main purpose of these products: ventilation. However, this process does not only serve as an effective cooling system for your room. Although the air conditioner will serve as a source of low temperatures in summer, this device will also work as a means of heating when the outside temperatures are winter weather. This means that your air conditioner will provide optimal performance that is quite useful and practical throughout the year.

The nominal capacity changes depending on whether you use cooling or heating, and although the difference is minimal, it is worth remembering. Cool ventilation works with 1.8 kW, while heating works with 1.7 kW.


There are many opinions about air conditioners and, to prove the worth of this model, the device has only received praise due to its structure, design and operation. Not sharing the common division between two air units, which is still used by many brands, the structure of this product stands out from the start.

It is an air conditioner that has dimensions indicated by its manufacturer of 97.8 x 16.4 x 49.1 cm. These measurements are a bit larger than other models but, in the end, considering that this air contains the operations of two different units in just one, the size becomes completely reasonable. The structure has a weight of 37 kilograms which, despite not being one of the heaviest products, does require delicate treatment to avoid dropping it and to install it correctly.

The design is quite traditional to look at, which is good for those who enjoy classic air conditioners and people who want a fixture to match any room. In this case, this is a completely white model with a wide flap to distribute the air evenly throughout the room. The small lights visible next to the diffusion grilles will indicate the operation of the product.

The Slim design, only 16 cm thick, means that the air conditioner does not protrude more than necessary from the wall, so that, visually, it does not take up more space than it really needs. The remote control included in the purchase allows remote operation of the device. With this you can access each of the functions, regulate the temperature, program the timer for the hours you want and, of course, turn the unit on and off when you need it.

Installation and operation

Something that disappoints many people who want to purchase an air conditioner is its installation and its double structure, since two units are needed to put one inside the home and the other outside. Most of the time, these types of designs negatively affect the facade of homes, regardless of whether they are apartments or houses. In addition to that, the exterior installation often requires extra help and this means a slight increase in price, since it is necessary to hire someone to be able to place the unit where it should go.

Fortunately, this air conditioner has an outstanding structure, since it has a single unit that contains the functions of both the outdoor appliances and the indoor appliances to get everything in one place. This change solves both problems mentioned above, as the installation becomes a simple process of a few minutes that allows the placement of the unit both at the top and bottom of the walls. Meanwhile, the exterior facade of your home remains intact, due to the fact that the outdoor unit is missing and, in its place, only two small grilles will be needed for the correct expulsion of air.

Its operation is completely silent, which is an incredible positive aspect, since the 27dB does not manage to be annoying and will not interrupt your sleep, no matter how light it is. This is especially noticeable when the air conditioner is used in a small child’s room.

To preserve a safe environment for you, the multiple filtration system uses an electrostatic filter and an active carbon filter to keep the air clean and pure. Combined with energy class A operation, saving electricity is also part of its daily performance.

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