Opinions about AEG BPS331120M

Main advantage:

It incorporates an XXL fan, indicated exclusively so that the heat can circulate efficiently throughout the oven cavity. In addition, it incorporates SurroundCook technology, so that the recipe you make receives the temperature it needs homogeneously without having to turn the container.

Main disadvantage:

It has few control buttons compared to other models on the list. However, once you have learned the commands and modes of use, it is more practical to use.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a sturdy and elegant appliance that easily becomes the center of attention in your kitchen. In this sense, it has an anti-fingerprint surface, an LCD screen and a door with glass layers.

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Main Features Explained


In its internal cavity it offers a capacity of 71 liters and has telescopic rails to introduce and extract food with greater safety. Also, it has a tray to collect waste, which is removable and you can also use it to make lasagna, cakes and many other recipes.

It is one of the largest pyrolytic ovens of the moment, allowing you to make pizzas, desserts, as well as complete chickens and turkeys, since inside it measures 35.7 cm high by 48 cm wide and 41.6 cm deep. depth. However, for its installation you must take into account that its measurements are 59.4 cm high by 59.5 cm wide and 56.7 cm deep.

On the other hand, it has an LCD screen with clear numbers on the front, which shows the time and works as an advanced timer display, capable of offering you total control over the oven’s functions. This control panel is easy to use, since for greater practicality it only has 3 central buttons and two rotary buttons on the sides. The one on the left is indicated as the power light and as a control for the cooking functions, while the one on the right has the °C symbol and works to increase or decrease the temperature according to your needs.

This oven is built with one of the most modern structures, made up of multiple layers of glass, which allow the door to remain cool enough during operation to be safe to the touch even at the highest power, thus preventing burns and protecting the smallest of the house. In addition, this glass structure provides a more attractive and elegant design, so that the equipment is the focus of attention in your kitchen. As if that were not enough, its surface is INOX Anti-fingerprint, so it is a device that is kept in the best possible conditions, thanks to this, it requires less cleaning.


One of the main features of this oven is its large XXL type SurroundCook fan, indicated to distribute the heat evenly throughout the cavity, thus guaranteeing the best cooking results. Consequently, each part of the recipe will receive the correct amount of heat evenly, avoiding you having to turn or move the container inside it during cooking, interrupting the process.

In addition, this technology speeds up the work so that the recipe is ready in the shortest possible time, as a result, temperatures and cooking time can be reduced by up to 20%, so you can save electricity and time to do other things. recipes or perform other activities.

Among its different operating modes we can discover that the oven activates some heat sources to a greater or lesser extent according to your needs, in this sense, we find the function of Lower heat, Defrost, Turbo, Turbo + Bake without extracting moisture, Traditional cooking, Gratin, Pizza Function, Turbo Grill and Pyrolytic Cleaning. For this reason, according to user opinions, it could be the best pyrolytic oven, since by implementing some of its modes, the oven automatically adapts to the needs of the recipes.

Pyrolytic cleaning is appropriate to optimally and completely eliminate food residues and fats that could adhere to the internal cavity of the oven. It achieves this by raising the temperature of its interior, reducing the stuck dirt to simple ashes. When it cools down, you just have to pass a damp cloth over its different surfaces.

Its modern screen also allows you to automate the oven, so that it starts and stops in a practical way without you having to be aware of it continuously, it is only necessary to set the start and end time with its retractable controls, which do not allow the ingress of dirt. As if that were not enough, it includes an interior light to visualize the food without having to open the oven door.


It is capable of reaching a maximum power of up to 3500 W by turning all the dirt into ashes in its pyrolytic cleaning mode. However, it offers 2300 W of power in its Turbo Grill mode, suitable for high-speed cooking, especially when you activate the built-in fan.

Also, the oven can reach high temperatures ranging from 30 ° C, to cook slowly and brown the surface of the food, up to 300 ° C to clean its internal cavity. Despite its high performance, its price is affordable and it has low electricity consumption.

In this sense, within the energy efficiency classification this is a type A+ product, so it gives you up to 58% energy savings, in this way, it could consume little annually even if you use it regularly, which it also lengthens its useful life. Likewise, it is important to consider that its voltage is 230 V.

For greater performance, it has an additional thermal ring, which allows baking on several levels in parallel, giving the same importance to all foods for a uniform result. This is very useful when you have to cook several dishes at the same time and you don’t have enough time to cook them separately.

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