Opinions about AEG CX7 2 45AN

Main advantage:

The vertical vacuum cleaner transforms into a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean comfortably inside the car, on the table, the bed or the sofa, offering optimal performance in families with pets thanks to the Animal Care nozzle.

Main disadvantage:

Depending on the space between the sofa and the floor, the vacuum cleaner may not fit and it may be necessary to lift the furniture to clean the dirt under it, since the head is not slim. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

With this model you can vacuum your pet’s hair and all the dirt at home, thanks to the cordless design, its low noise level and a 0.5 liter tank. 

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Main Features Explained


When talking about cordless vacuum cleaners, we think of all the possibilities of cleaning without the limitation of electrical connections, an aspect that stands out in the opinions of the users of the CX7-2-45AN model. 

This equipment combines the comfort of an upright vacuum cleaner, without a bag or cables, with the ergonomic format of a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean sofas, curtains, furniture and high spaces, all in a single device that is easily converted and whose user interface it is intuitive.

The efficient operation of this equipment is determined by the TurboPower lithium battery that provides a longer useful life, without memory effect and a shorter charging time. 

This is equivalent to optimal performance for 45 minutes at the lowest power, while at maximum speed autonomy is 16 minutes, enough time to carry out demanding cleaning in small spaces or keep your house free of pet hair, thanks to the suction mini turbo brush, with which dust and mites are also trapped. 

With these qualities, many users consider this model to be the best cordless vacuum cleaner, since it offers excellent performance while maintaining a competitive price in the market and within the reach of tight budgets. 

Design and storage

The compact format of the CX7-2-45AN vacuum cleaner is designed to save space during use and storage of the equipment. For this reason, its dimensions are 114.5 cm high by 26.5 cm long and 14.5 wide.

As for the weight, you should know that with all the accessories the equipment weighs 3.44 kg, being 1.08 kg the handheld vacuum cleaner and 2.48 kg the cordless vacuum cleaner, which helps ergonomics during cleaning, reducing fatigue after vacuuming your furniture, stairs, among others. In this way, you will no longer have to recover from the tiredness of vacuuming your house with traditional sled-type equipment. 

Now, it is necessary to point out that the vertical parking parking function allows cleaning to be stopped without the vacuum cleaner falling to the ground, it also favors its storage as if it were a broom, without taking up much space.

The same happens when charging it, since it includes an energy support that favors its feeding in this position. In this support you can also store accessories, so you keep all the equipment in one place. Or, if you prefer, you can place them on the back of the ergonomic handle.

On the other hand, we must mention that this model is distinguished by its attractive red color, a style that brings elegance when cleaning your house and that will make it stand out among other appliances. 

comfort and cleanliness

We already mentioned that the ergonomics of this device is determined by its light weight and compact dimensions, but it is also an aspect favored by the design of the accessories. 

One of them, the EasySteer Brush, has a 180º turn that increases its maneuverability, in addition to incorporating two rear wheels to easily move the vacuum cleaner on different types of floors and coverings, including long-haired carpets.  

On the other hand, the integration of the Easy Reach nozzle to the equipment stands out, with which surfaces and recesses that are difficult to access can be vacuumed, without having to change the head. This is ideal for cleaning drawers, corners, sofa partitions, car interiors, among others.

Likewise, the Cx7 Animal Care nozzle is the one indicated for cleaning the spaces where your pet is usually inside the house, as it has the necessary design to trap the hair, dirt and mites that your dog or cat releases on the fabrics and floors. 

Similarly, the built-in LED light is a plus when it comes to viewing, as it helps to identify all the dirt that is in dark spaces, such as under beds or sofas. 

Finally, we cannot forget to mention the Brush Roll Clean system, to eliminate hair and fibers that get tangled in the brush, through the automatic action of a pedal, facilitating equipment maintenance. 

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