Opinions about AEG RA 5522

Main advantage:

It is a radiator that stands out for its modern and functional design. You can choose between 3 power levels, select the temperature thanks to its thermostat and if you need to move it around your house, it has 4 pivoting wheels that make the task easier.

Main disadvantage:

Apparently, it initially creates an odor that some people might find annoying. However, most users consider it a practical and efficient alternative for air conditioning rooms.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the best-selling radiators on the net and its good reputation is due to its unbeatable value for money. For this reason, many recommend it as a good buy.

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Main Features Explained

Low consumption

The arrival of winter should not take you off guard, since when the temperature drops, your home needs a heating system that provides consistency, uniform heat and also saves energy. These three qualities are present in the AEG RA 5522 model, a radiator that works with oil and that offers you high performance when it comes to air conditioning.

This model works connected to the electrical network and thanks to the fact that it has resistances that heat a fluid inside (an oil specially formulated to evenly distribute the heat through the radiator), it can quickly transfer the heat from the hot oil to the metal and from this In this way, through the natural convection process, all the air in the room increases its temperature efficiently.

Unlike radiators that only work with resistors or that use a fan, this model, by using oil, is capable of maintaining heat in the rooms even after being turned off, since the fluid stays hot for longer. For this reason, it offers low consumption and encourages energy saving, since it is a radiator that allows you to enjoy the heat without having to be connected all the time.

power and configuration

The most recommended when choosing the best radiator is that the device allows you to regulate its power and adjust its temperature in the most convenient way, according to the square meters that you want to heat. In this sense, this AEG radiator has a power that favors its use in different rooms, from small, medium to spacious, since it is equipped with 3 adjustable power levels at 1000, 1200 and up to 2200 watts, according to the size of the around.

Likewise, it is a device equipped with 11 powerful elements, which ensures its efficiency when it comes to air conditioning. In addition, for greater comfort, the manufacturer also has two additional models, so you can choose your radiator with 7 or 9 elements. On the other hand, it has a thermostatic regulator that allows you to program the turning on and off of the device, according to your needs.

For this, you can configure it conveniently so that when you return home, you find the environment with a comfortable temperature. In addition, it is a silent device and does not generate waste, since the oil remains inside the radiator coils; That is why, in their opinions, many consider it an excellent ally when it comes to coping with low winter temperatures.

Design and portability

When what you are looking for is a device that not only air-conditions your rooms and halls, but also provides you with an aesthetic component, this radiator fully meets these requirements. To do this, it is made with high quality materials and has a modern and attractive design that offers you a gray and anthracite coating, which brings elegance to the equipment and a plus of class to the rooms.

It also has a control lamp with a red pilot light, which indicates that the device is working. Also, it is equipped with a power cord that reaches a length of 150 cm, which is comfortable and convenient for spacious rooms. In addition, it has a practical system that allows you to wind up the cable in an organized way, when the radiator is not in use.

Its dimensions are 24.5 x 52.5 x 64 cm and despite being made of robust metal, its transport will not be a problem, since in addition to all its features, it is an air conditioner that has 4 multidirectional wheels. Because of this, you can easily move it around the house and heat any room where it is needed. In addition, it has an innovative fire safety system, which prohibits the equipment from working horizontally.

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