Opinions about Balay 3BC894XM

Main advantage:

The hood offers us a high-efficiency motor and energy class B, with which to obtain a good level of smoke extraction, although without spending more energy than necessary in the process.

Main disadvantage:

This model is not accompanied by the necessary tube to connect the hood with the smoke extraction socket on the wall, which you will have to look for separately and which has somewhat particular measurements, according to certain comments.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A classic among extractor hoods of this type, with good power, a much lower noise level and an elegant design, with which to cover even the largest cooktops.

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Main Features Explained

bell type

Among the models we have at our disposal, the Balay 3BC894XM product is the best range hood, or close to being the best, within the traditional large-format fireplace-style products. A model that is installed directly on the wall of your kitchen and leaves a beautiful visible effect thanks to its materials.

Specifically, the product has a complete manufacture in stainless steel and polished finish, in what refers to the outer part of the product. This generates a very interesting aspect when it comes to decorating your kitchen and giving it a different touch, since the design also includes the smoke outlet cover. All this in a reasonably priced product, so looking stylish will not cost you more.

Regarding its measurements, we are talking about a large extractor hood, with a width of 90 centimeters and distributed in three different filters. This extraction area has a depth of 50 centimeters, in line with the usual market standard. Regarding the chimney area, it has a total height of 49.4 centimeters, thus completing an interesting combination of measurements and dimensions.

Power and performance

In order to achieve an adequate level of smoke extraction, corroborated by the opinions of the product, this model offers us a powerful motor and an outlet system with which to move up to 730 cubic meters of air per hour, according to the corresponding UNE standard. Therefore, the product is suitable for both medium and large-sized kitchens, ranking among the range hoods with the highest output capacity.

This power level is adjustable to different intensity levels, three in particular, depending on what is needed at all times. So you don’t have to worry as much if you have all the burners on full blast or if you’re just cooking a dish on the small burner.

By the way, this model is powerful but also highly efficient in all aspects. On the one hand, the motor has an energy class B, with an adjusted consumption of electricity. On the other hand, as far as noise is concerned, the product generates a class A sound level of 41 decibels in test conditions and 55 decibels at power 3. So you will not be overwhelmed by the usual noise of the bells conventional extractors.

Filters and lighting

To finish off this model, the product offers us metal multilayer filters, which do not need replacement or the usual maintenance of fabric filters or other materials. In fact, these metal filters can be washed directly in the dishwasher, previously sprayed with a good grease remover, making them perfect for continuing to cook.

Regarding lighting, it is obtained through a system of high-efficiency halogen lights. These lights are strategically placed on the back of the hob, so that you get extra lighting in the darkest area of ​​the hob.

This lighting function, like the power of the product, is controlled by the button located on the front of the product. An issue that avoids problems with dirt accumulated on the sliders, by being in a frontal position and not located right in the smoke outlet draft. So it’s much easier to press these buttons and properly clean them, when needed.

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