Opinions about Balay 3kf6812wi

Main advantage:

This Balay refrigerator offers you, among its many features, a free-install design, so you can mount it without any limitation in the most convenient place in your kitchen. In addition, it has advanced technology and optimal storage.

Main disadvantage:

It would be appreciated if the finishes on this kit were available in other colours. However, its presentation in shades of white favors the decoration of various kitchen styles.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a team backed by a recognized brand. It also has great advantages when it comes to preserving food, coupled with a modern and functional design.

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Main Features Explained

quality and design

When it comes to Spanish companies that stand out for their track record and for offering products with good value for money, Balay is a pioneer that has been present in the household appliance market since 1947, offering its products at competitive costs and affordable for all budgets.. For this reason, it is one of the best-selling mid-range brands and one of those that manufactures the best refrigerators of the moment.

The Balay 3KF6812WI is one of its most recommended refrigerators, according to opinions on the net, given its high quality and design. It has a free installation format, with a tall and thin structure that favors all types of cuisine; so its dimensions are 203 cm high x 66 cm deep and 60 cm wide.

Comfort is a quality present in this model, since it has a practical chrome bottle rack; an ideal space to conveniently store your bottles. Thanks to this plus, bottled foods will be safe and stable. It is easily installed as if it were a tray and if you do not need it, you can remove it without problems.

Balay has taken care of all the details, so its two doors offer integrated horizontal handles; which, in addition to favoring simplicity, also offer easy external cleaning of the device.

Conservation technologies

When we select a refrigerator for our kitchen, beyond its design, we do so mainly in order to keep food in good condition. Thinking about it, Balay has equipped this model with two advanced conservation technologies; These are the ExtraFresh and ExtraCold technologies, an extra that prolongs the shelf life of food.

The Extrafresh function is present in a large drawer, specially designed to store vegetables and fruit. You will be able to efficiently control the relative humidity of all the products you store there; a parameter that can vary from one food to another.

Thanks to this control, the life and quality of food can be significantly extended. Such is the case of fruits and vegetables, which could have a shelf life in the Extrafresh drawer of up to double what they would keep in a conventional drawer.

Likewise, this model has two drawers equipped with ExtraCold Comfort technology; one is intended for meat and the other for fish. Thanks to this innovation, these foods that require freezing can be kept at a stable temperature of 0ºC; which translates into optimal conservation of all its nutrients for longer. All this favors savings, since you will not have to make the purchase frequently.

capacity and efficiency

With a net capacity of 366 liters and an optimal organization of drawers, trays and shelves, you can store everything you want; for this, the refrigerator offers a useful capacity of 279 and 87 liters for the freezer.

The upper door has four shelves where a practical egg cup is included; These shelves can be adjusted in height according to your convenience. Likewise, the refrigerator area has four easy-to-remove glass trays for better access to food.

Both the freezer and refrigerator areas have No Frost technology, so you won’t have any problems defrosting the appliance, removing frost or accumulated ice. Similarly, the freezer area offers you three large drawers, to store all frozen products.

On the other hand, it is a device that has energy efficiency class A++, a feature that favors savings on your electricity bill. In addition, thanks to the LED lighting with long-lasting cold bulbs, you can have a better view of the entire interior of the refrigerator and save extra energy.

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