Opinions about Beko Bie22301x

Main advantage:

Its functional design is its main attribute, since it is an oven that offers you 6 cooking modes to prepare all the recipes you want; In addition, it has an internal fan that efficiently distributes the heat to cook evenly.

Main disadvantage:

Some picky people miss triple glass on their front door. However, this oven offers you a highly resistant double glass that protects from heat.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its affordable cost, ease of use and all its benefits are advantages that users appreciate; so they recommend this model as a good buy.

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Main Features Explained

capacity and cost

If you are looking for a model with an affordable price and with enough capacity to prepare different recipes among the best electric ovens, the Beko BIE22301X could meet all your expectations. It is an electric oven designed for people who love cooking, those who enjoy preparing large dishes for their guests and rounding off dinner by offering a delicious dessert. Therefore, this could be the perfect model to meet the needs of any family, in relation to the culinary field.

It is an oven that has a capacity of 65L divided into 5 levels, so you can cook large portions of food or various dishes simultaneously. You can prepare from cakes and cookies, to grill or gratin dishes; With this model you will have all the advantages that an electric oven can offer you.

In addition to offering great features, this appliance also has an affordable cost, if we compare it with other similar equipment. Its functions and characteristics are not those of a conventional product, on the contrary, they resemble those of a high-end model. But unlike these, which offer high costs, this is one of the cheapest ovens you can find on the market. Likewise, since it has a good number of positive opinions, many consider them an oven with excellent value for money.


When what you are looking for is versatility and comfort when it comes to baking any food, it is essential to check among the electric ovens available, a multifunction model like this one that Beko offers you. A tool that has up to 6 different cooking modes: bottom heat, top and bottom heat, bottom and top heat plus fan, small grill, large grill and the fast heating function.

For this reason, it is an appliance that allows you to cook a wide variety of recipes, regardless of the level where you put the food. Likewise, thanks to the integrated fan it has, it offers an optimal temperature distribution; which favors the homogeneous cooking of the dish and prevents you from having to constantly check the preparation.

Along with this, this electric oven has the function that offers high-speed heating, especially useful before introducing food. It also has the Eco (economical) mode, which allows cooking to be completed only with the internal heat of the oven and once its resistances have been turned off. On the other hand, it has a timer function, which programs both the beginning and the end of cooking; for this it has an alarm clock and an acoustic signal.

Design and cleaning

It is a built-in model, so it is very useful in kitchens with little available space. It has side rails and 5 levels of guides, to facilitate the cooking of dishes at different heights. It also has an interior light that favors visibility and for energy savings, it offers you the category A label. Likewise, it offers you a double-glazed door in order to keep heat away from its surface. It also has a programmable LED display and a control with rotary buttons, easy to manipulate.

It is made of black stainless steel, which adds a plus of elegance to its design, while providing a robust structure resistant to intensive use; stainless steel also promotes hygiene, thanks to its non-porous surface. Additionally, to improve the maintenance experience, this oven has a steam cleaning function, which helps you easily remove accumulated grease and food residues. In addition, it allows you to disassemble both the door and the rails, in order to carry out deeper cleaning.

In addition to this number of features, the oven also includes the necessary accessories so you can cook any dish you want. In this sense, you will receive a conventional tray, a grill-shaped tray and a deep tray especially for preparing roasts.

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